NOTE: Approximately 85% of the people who take Royal Velvet end up going on AUTOSHIP.


  1. The cost is the lowest we offer. Our MSRP is $79.95. However, on AUTOSHIP for two bottles per month, the cost is only $98, (which is only $49 per bottle.) This is a $31 per bottle savings.
  2. Also on AUTOSHIP, shipping and handling is FREE to any address in the US. This saves an additional $8.
  3. Once we reach APEX (when all the product we can possibly manufacturer monthly is spoken for), then ONLY those on AUTOSHIP will be first in line to receive their product. Everyone else goes on a waiting list.
  4. You will not run out of product. Your product will arrive every month at the same time. There is no need to call or place another online order.
  5. You receive the low price on all of your fill-in orders. You can order additional bottles any time to be added to your AUTOSHIP and will be charged the low AUTOSHIP price.
  6. You can cancel your AUTOSHIP anytime you want. You may do it online 24/7 through your account.
  7. AUTOSHIP customers in good standing are considered our premier clients, receiving special offers and consideration.


The cons for AUTOSHIP:

  1. We require that you manage your credit card information so that you do not have any declines. A $25 fee is assessed starting with the 2nd decline in any 12-month period.
  2. There are NO refunds of any kind on AUTOSHIP. Do not go on AUTOSHIP unless you really love and want the product sent to you monthly. You have every opportunity to cancel your AUTOSHIP program at any time.