• February 21, 2014

    Individuals with diabetes are two to six times more likely to have a heart attack than those without it—in fact, two out of three people with diabetes die of heart-related complications. They are also more prone to having a heart attack earlier in life, and their heart attacks are usually more severe. In celebration of National Heart Month, let’s take a look at how diabetes affects your... more

  • February 14, 2014

    February is symbolized by the heart. Heart-shaped chocolates, heart-shaped greeting cards, pink-and-red everything...and it's not just Valentine's Day that makes this shape so fitting. Did you know that February is also American Heart Month?

    Without a healthy heart, you couldn't wish a happy Valentine's Day to the ones you care about. Today, show appreciation for the blood-pumping organ by learning how to make healthy changes to your lifestyle. Then, give the gift of heart health by sharing your... more

  • February 7, 2014

    Hundreds of thousands from all over the globe gather today as the 2014 Winter Olympics kick off in Sochi, Russia, a location whose controversy quickly shifted our focus from sports to politics. As we celebrate the first of 17 days of athletic achievement, let’s hone in on the real reason we set aside our differences every four years: the amazing athletes. These ladies and gentlemen are beasts, and they train for it all year long. Why not learn a few of their secrets?

    Practice... more

  • January 31, 2014

    Regular exercise is important for everyone, but why is it especially vital for people with diabetes? An active body is more sensitive to insulin, allowing cells to work more efficiently. Consistent exercise lowers blood glucose levels and dramatically improves your mood. If you haven't done so already, the new year is the perfect time to create an exercise plan to manage your diabetes.

    Where To Begin? Ask Your Health Practitioner

    Whether you're a seasoned athlete or prefer a... more

  • January 24, 2014

    Physically, mentally and emotionally, diabetes is a stressful disease. Ever-changing blood sugar levels can cause irritability and crazy mood swings, putting a strain on both the affected individual and their family. Worry not: learn how to be a happy diabetic through these effective stress management techniques.

    Acknowledge That It Will Happen – And That's Okay

    Mood swings are absolutely normal for someone with diabetes to experience from time to time. They're frustrating, but... more