• October 30, 2013

    Your healthy Halloween survival guide is here. These helpful tips will keep you on track this year. If you’re staying at home and passing out candy, or putting on a costume and hitting the party circuit, we’ve got you covered.

    For the At Home Host

    Buy your candy at the last moment possible. It seems hard to do, after all, stores have been featuring Halloween candy displays since mid-September. But walk right... more

  • October 25, 2013

    In 1918 the infamous influenza epidemic swept across the United States killing an estimated 500,000 young adults. It’s an event that often gets scant attention in history books, especially as the horrors on the battlefields of World War I overshadowed the scale of its impact.

    Desperate to stem the flu epidemic, Americans adopted all sorts of crazy schemes. Some of the more popular remedies included rubbing bacon grease on the abdomen or wearing vinegar packs around one’s waist! Needless to say, these... more

  • October 23, 2013
    335491311_34772c18fc_o Cat

    Cats are amazing animals. There’s a reason they have a legendary reputation for having 9 lives. Naturally swift and flexible, cats can survive harrowing falls and near fatal mishaps. In fact, veterinarians have reported multiple instances where cats survived falls from buildings anywhere between seven to 32 stories in height.

    Compared to other pets, cats are also known for their... more

  • October 18, 2013

    Years ago marathon running was for the dedicated few, elite athletes at the top of their game who awed and amazed bystanders with their stamina and endurance. Today, the bystanders have joined in the race, and we’re in the midst of what can only be described as a marathon craze. Millions of Americans now compete in countless running events across the nation—and in many cases the events fill up so rapidly that those who fail to sign up early often find themselves wait listed.

    Why all the Hoopla... more

  • October 16, 2013

    November will be here before you know it, and so will People Magazine’s 2013 winner of the Sexiest Man Alive. It’s just one more reminder that the perfect male specimen is handsome, chiseled and virile.

    We can’t do much if don’t look like Brad Pitt or Ben Affleck, but there’s a whole lot you can do to turn around your sex life, especially if you feel less than adequate in the bedroom and suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED). If you suffer from ED, you don’t need anyone to explain the... more