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Maybe you’ve heard some of the buzz. Mention deer antler spray to just about anyone in casual conversation, and you may get one of two answers. You might hear, “Oh yeah, I remember hearing about that controversy with the NFL football Ray Lewis during the last Super Bowl.” Or you might hear someone say, “Ugh that sounds weird. Why would I put that into my body?”

Move Past the Myths

It’s time to get the facts straight on exactly what deer antler velvet is, how it works and why Royal Velvet by The Healthy Protocol, LLC is the superior product.

Royal Velvet is the latest breakthrough in medical science.  It is a supplemental nutrient containing properties not found in any other food source on the planet. It comes from deer antler velvet, a substance rich in nutrients and proteins.  Numerous health applications have been identified with its use, including boosting athletic performance, heightening brain function and reversing the aging process. Other reported uses include improved blood glucose levels, decreased arthritic pain, better sleep, more libido, and acceleration of weight loss goals.

Not all Deer Antler Velvet Sprays are Created Equal

Does it sound too good to be true? It’s not, but that doesn’t mean you can rush out and purchase anything with the words “deer antler velvet” on the label.  Vitamin stores and internet websites offer dozens of options with slick packaging and long promises, but you need to know what’s legitimate and what’s not.

What to Look for

Did you find a product that’s inexpensive and seems like a better deal? Discounted deer antler products are obtained from the bottom two-thirds of the antlers. Some amino acids and minerals are present, but they are far less potent than the deer antler velvet obtained from the upper part of the antlers. Retailers offering bargain sales on deer antler velvet are likely offering products which are so diluted, they have zero efficacies. When you buy cheap, this is where your supplement is coming from and you are clearly getting an inferior product. You’re throwing your money away.

Why is Royal Velvet better?

Deer antler velvet sold by The Healthy Protocol, LLC is of the highest quality available.   We obtain our supplements from the tips and top one-third of deer antler. That’s where almost all the growth factors and nutrient-dense properties are located.

What they’re also not telling you

If you look at deer antler velvet products available on the shelf or online, most are silent as to where their product came from. That should be another red flag. Don’t assume you’re purchasing a quality substance ethically obtained from deer that roam wild and free in a distant foreign country.

The deer antler velvet used in The Healthy Protocol, LLC comes from New Zealand commercial farms.  All our deer antler velvet is obtained this way.  The difference with our product is that it comes from farms that follow both regulatory and ethical guidelines in the care, treatment and extraction of our product.

We offer the very best. As a consumer, you should expect nothing less.

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