So you’ve waited until the last minute to snag that perfect gift for your son, your brother, your significant other...perhaps all of the above. (Don’t worry – we won’t tell!) The clock is ticking for you to find something thoughtful for the men in your life, and quick. You care about their health and vitality, so why not choose a gift with benefits that will last long past Christmas day? We’ve compiled a list of creative gift ideas that will show the men in your life that you love them inside and out.

Take a look at our top ten last-minute Christmas gifts for men:

1. Royal Velvet

Nothing says you care about him more than the gift of good health. The Healthy Protocol, LLC’s anti-aging, performance-boosting nutrient spray is a perfect gift for men of all ages and lifestyles – the kind of gift they’d put at the top of their list, but might not buy for themselves.

2. Food Steamer

For your favorite amateur chef, pick up a large-capacity food steamer. The multitasking gadget is great for manly kitchen dwellers – he’ll love steaming up all kinds of anti-aging veggies.

3. Health Club Membership

Fitness-savvy boyfriend? Gift him a month’s membership at his favorite health club, or a certificate for a personal training session. His “guns” will thank you later. (The better to hug you with.)

4. Snowshoeing Trip

Planning a special activity for the two of you to do together provides the gift of cherished memories. A snowshoeing trip is a festive and adventurous gift that’s perfect for Dad.

5. Running Socks

Socks may seem blasé, but they’re a fantastic stocking stuffer when they serve a purpose. Keep his feet moving with a pair of high-quality running socks. While you’re at it...

6. Pedometer

A shiny new pedometer gives him a great excuse to go for a heart-healthy run. Some new models even allow users to log their miles directly to their computer, which is sure to please your resident techie.

7. Sunlight Desk Lamp

Few of us are lucky enough to get the sun exposure we need during the winter months. If you love a cubicle worker, brighten his Christmas day with a sunlight desk lamp that provides full spectrum sunlight simulation. It boosts serotonin, the hormone responsible for keeping you happy.

8. Sunglasses

Eyes and the skin around them don’t catch a break when the sky is cloudy – sunlight that reflects off snow can be particularly harmful. A much-welcomed Christmas gift for your dad, brother, or boyfriend, sunglasses will help keep his eyes healthy and protect him from pesky crow’s feet.

9. Foam Rollers

Give him a deep tissue massage without the hefty price tag. Foam rollers aid in stretching muscles, massaging out knots, and increasing circulation, making them a wonderful gift for active men and desk workers alike.

10. Brain Games

While we're on the subject of a healthy body, let’s not forget about a healthy mind. Brain games, such as challenging puzzles and Sudoku booklets, make smart gifts for men of all ages.


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