• September 27, 2013

    Americans will spend over 55 million dollars on their pets by the end of 2013. That number is nearly double what was spent less than ten years ago. There’s no doubt about it, we love our pets! Unfortunately, those numbers are somewhat deceiving. We’re spending more on gourmet treats and squeaky toys, but we’re also paying more due to the soaring cost of vet care.

    Did you notice?

    Our pets require all sorts of attention. In addition to grooming and trimming their nails, we need to regularly clean their teeth and keep them free of ticks, heart worms and fleas. But while you were doing all that did you notice your pet’s changing...

  • September 11, 2013

    You don’t have to fight for your fitness. There’s an easier way to maintain levels of performance throughout your exercise routine. Recover faster with Royal Velvet.

    What it is

    Royal Velvet is manufactured from deer antler velvet. When the New Zealand Red Deer grows out their antlers, they don’t keep them for life. Those antlers are shed and a new pair eventually grows in its place. This is an annual phenomenon in deer, and to support that kind of regular growth, deer antler velvet is incredibly rich in minerals, amino acids, nutrients and growth factors.

    Learn the secret sports athletes already know about

    Maybe you first heard...