Did you keep any resolutions in 2013? If not, what obstacles did you encounter that kept you from sticking to your goals? Mark them down, and then stop worrying about the past: the new year is just around the corner, and it’s going to be better than ever. We’re going to help you stick to your 2014 resolutions.

Reflect Upon Last Year

The first step in planning your New Year’s resolutions is to think about last year. Consider 2013: did you achieve more or less than you’d hoped? Was it a happy, positive year for you overall? If not, think about what made it less than positive. Was it your mindset? Relationships? Physical health? Your job or finances? This step may be one of the only instances where it’s important to scrutinize the negative. Your goal is to have a happier, healthier 2014; finding out how to improve upon outdated habits is essential.

Plan Your Resolutions

Once you’ve identified what you need to work on this upcoming year, put these goals into writing. Were you unhappy last year because of an overall negative outlook? Perhaps it would be helpful to start a bedtime ritual of writing down what you’re thankful for each day. Studies have shown that practicing gratitude increases your energy levels, empathy, and optimism.

Did health issues or a negative body image have you down in the dumps last year? Improving your diet and fitness regimen on a realistic level – keeping in mind what generally works for you, and what you’ll be likely to stick to all year long – may be a worthwhile project. With junk-food-friendly football season and the holidays behind you, sticking to a health plan will be a bit easier. Try adding Royal Velvet to your fitness regimen for added benefits, including increased stamina and a stabilized appetite.

How about finances? Were you short on cash last year when you didn’t need to be? Take a look at your credit and debit card statements from 2013. You might be surprised to see how much those innocent latte purchases added up over 365 days. Make a resolution to brew your own coffee in the morning, pack your lunch, walk that mile to the grocery store instead of driving – little actions like these can save you hundreds in the long haul.

Keep Your Resolutions All Year Long

With careful planning, it’s possible to make your resolutions last past the “coincidental” gym membership drop of early spring. Here are our tips to ensure you keep your New Year’s resolutions through to 2015.

  1. Keep your goals realistic. Simple resolutions are the easiest to keep, and once you experience the satisfaction of achieving a goal you've set for yourself, you'll want to set even more.

  2. Make a schedule. If your goal is to improve your diet, why not try eliminating soda pop in January, potato chips in February, and so on? Don’t be afraid to set the bar high, but remember, the year is relatively long. Take your strides in bite-sized pieces.

  3. Stay strong. If you slip up along the way, don't beat yourself up – take it as a learning experience and move on.

  4. Reward yourself! You deserve to feel good for achieving something challenging. Make milestones for the year, and when you reach each new goal – a certain distance on the treadmill, for example – indulge in something that makes you feel good, but doesn't break your resolutions. (Time to splurge on those running pants you've been eyeing!)

To New Beginnings,
The Healthy Protocol Team

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