Today, The Healthy Protocol, LLC honors the 72nd anniversary of the Dec. 7 attack on Pearl Harbor. We salute our American heroes and honor those who lost their lives in the tragic event that launched our nation into World War II.

A History of Pearl Harbor

In May of 1940, the United States Fleet was transferred from the West Coast to Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. The harbor had been under construction as an American naval base for several years and it served as such until 1941, when, on Dec. 7, disaster struck.

At 7:48 a.m., six Japanese aircraft carriers launched bombs and torpedoes on the harbor, killing 2,402 Americans and wounding more than 1,000. Numerous navy battleships were sunk and 188 aircrafts destroyed.

Japan had dreamed of an Asian empire and saw the US Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor as their only obstacle. The US had, after all, joined the Netherlands and Great Britain in freezing Japanese assets at home, leading to a 90% decline in war materials available to Japan. But the US War Department did not see Japan as an impending threat, despite warnings over a month prior to the attack.

The attack on Pearl Harbor shook the US to its core, leading to a declaration of war on Japan the very next day. The American people, who had previously supported a neutral approach to World War II, were devastated by the destruction. 

After the Attack

On Dec. 8, President Franklin D. Roosevelt called for Congress to declare war on the Empire of Japan in his famous Infamy Speech. All but one member of Congress approved. This agreement led to Germany and Italy declaring war on the United States three days later, as their pact with Japan required. It was official: the US had become a player in World War II.

Adding to the tragedy of Pearl Harbor was the US government’s domestic reaction to the attack. Thousands of Japanese American residents and citizens were taken from their homes and forced into internment camps, and throughout the remainder of the war, Pearl Harbor was used as propaganda.

Pearl Harbor Today

72 years later, Americans continue to pay respect to the lives lost during the Pearl Harbor attacks. We at The Healthy Protocol, LLC wish to thank our brave veterans, their families, and all who are currently serving in the armed forces as we work toward a more peaceful future.


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