• April 8, 2016

    If sales for antidepressants such as Zoloft, Lexapro, or Prozac tell us anything, it’s that depression is sweeping the nation. But a new study questions the validity of most of these sales. The study has found that the majority of individuals on antidepressants – a whopping 69% – do not even meet the criteria for clinical depression. These individuals are likely just experiencing normal sadness and hardships that most of us experience.

    In addition to finding that nearly two-thirds of antidepressant-takers don’t meet criteria for depression, the researchers also note how 38% of those taking antidepressants for other psychiatric disorders do not meet...

  • March 12, 2016

    Thanks to research from the University of Michigan and nearly three centuries of medicinal use, we can now utilize ginger root to not only kill ovarian cancer cells, but also prostate cancer cells with zero toxicity.

    Truly among the great medicines of the world, ginger has long been used to treat inflammation and nausea, but the results presented in a session at the ...

  • March 9, 2016

    Considered a staple in South Asian cooking and an integral part of Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years, turmeric is finally getting the attention it deserves in the west. This powerful little spice goes way beyond adding flavor to curries and giving yellow mustard its bright color. It’s also packed with healing properties thanks to curcumin, its active ingredient. This beneficial compound turns turmeric into a nutritional powerhouse, aiding in everything from reducing the risk of heart disease to...

  • February 25, 2016

    Whether you’ve got a foggy memory or inflammed body, scientists agree: this vibrant spice can give your health a major boost!

    “LET FOOD be thy medicine…” Never before has this doctrine been more true. With countless scientific studies proving its validity, we are seeing a long list of nutrients making their way to the forefront of research headlines.  Research is showing that ...

  • October 7, 2015

    You may think your diet is good and healthy, but many of the foods you’re likely eating are quite high in sugar. Sugar hides behind 54 different names and lurks in many seemingly “healthy” foods. Sweet stuff is absolutely everywhere and that food companies use clever little tricks to disguise this from us when it comes to food labels. Often the Big Food companies reduce fat and calories by adding sugar and artificial flavouring.

    8 Foods That Are Hidden Sugar Bombs

    Flavored Yogurt
    All yogurts contain some sugar in the form of lactose. Flavored yogurts have so much sugar that they’...

  • September 30, 2015

    Sleep problems appear to be very complex. Even so-called sleep centres have trouble helping people. I will discuss sleep problems at a hormonal level and present ways in which such problems may be solved. The most important hormone involved in sleeping is melatonin, affecting commencement, depth and duration of sleep. 

    Throughout this article you will find the conversion of the amino acid tryptophan from food into - eventually - melatonin. As you can see, the production of melatonin is affected by the day and night rhythm, daylight, other hormones, the bowel function, exercise, vitamins, and minerals. Things may go wrong at each of these levels,...