Top 15 Reasons Royal Velvet Will Increase Your Wealth

During this time of the year, most people are thinking more about money, or their lack of money, than at any other time. Purchasing Christmas presents, traveling expense, the cold/flu season and missed work, as well as other end of the year expenses add to the usual worries about paying the bills.

We have a solution for you.

It’s real. It’s doable. It’s effective.

How do we know this? Thousands of our clients have shared this with us.


1) Save a lot of money on supplements.

Because Royal Velvet contains over 1,000 nutrients and has a 95+% absorption rate, you can do what most people do - eliminate 50% OR MORE of your supplements; yet you will be nutrifying your cells/organs/body more efficiently with Royal Velvet. FYI: Greater than 95% of all the supplements sold in the United States are synthetic, man-made chemical ‘nutrients’ that are NOT utilized in the human body the way natural, food-source nutrients benefit and aid bodily functions.

2) Save a considerable amount of money on food.

Royal Velvet is the most nutrient dense food in the world, and your cells know it. The only reason you have hunger pains is due to the fact billions of your cells are signaling your brain that they are in desperate need of nutrients to live, function, and replicate new cells. (FYI: You create 150 BILLION new cells every day. They don’t appear from thin air, they are created by your cells from food-sourced nutrients.) Royal Velvet efficiently supplies your cells with the nutrients they need, hence considerably less hunger pains. One of the MAIN causes of obesity is over-eating because of chronic hunger. Royal Velvet eliminates the desire AND need to over eat.

3) Save money by not eating junk food.

It has been proven that a lot of food companies place chemicals in their food to make you crave their junk food. We receive scores of testimonies from people who report that after consuming Royal Velvet regularly for a short period of time that they no longer crave junk food. This is due to several mechanisms that balance and repair out-of-whack bodily functions that Royal Velvet is famous for.

4) Save money by giving up nicotine addictions.

Nicotine addiction is a very expensive habit. Through several modalities, including improving and balancing brain chemistry, detoxifying the body and repair and proper function of the adrenal glands, taking Royal Velvet has helped many people kick the nicotine habit.

5) Save money on medical bills.

The #1 cause of bankruptcy, even amongst those WITH health insurance, is medical bills. Imagine dramatically improving your health to such an extent that you go to the doctor less, have fewer illnesses, and simply avoid doctor offices, hospitals, and emergency care facilities. Royal Velvet repairs your organs and bodily systems, allowing them to function more optimally. As an added benefit, how can you place a dollar figure on living with less sickness, pain, and suffering?

6) Save money on prescription drugs.

One of the most frequent feedbacks we receive from Royal Velvet users is their ability to get off many, if not all of their prescriptions drugs. From Royal Velvet’s ability to repair nerve damage that causes pain, balance blood sugar levels, and its ability to improve cardiovascular function – it is easy to see how you can save a bundle of money on fewer prescription drugs.

7) Save money on Over The Counter medications (OTCs).

US citizens spend over $100 billion a year on OTCs, which include, but are not limited to, everything from aspirin, antacids, allergy relief, and acne medication (those are just some of the ‘a’ OTCs). We have testimonies on our website from people who report after using Royal Velvet that they no longer need pain medication (such as aspirin), antacids (because of improved digestion), allergy OTCs (many report that their seasonal allergies simply disappear), and MUCH clearer skin. Why contribute to the hundred billion dollar a year OTC industry when you don’t need to? And on top of that, once corrected or repaired, the daily, seasonal, or annual need for these OTCs simply go away!

8) Save money on less illness – fewer sick days.

Again, this is simple arithmetic. Fewer sick days, loss of work, loss of ability to function at work optimally, and a loss of productivity causes a loss of income. Imagine feeling physically and mentally at the top of your game every day?

9) Save money by giving up drug addictions.

One of the 25 Typical Benefits Royal Velvet users experience is the seemingly miraculous ability to ‘walk away’ from various kinds of drug addictions. These include prescription drugs, such as pain medications, as well as ‘illegal drugs’ – which include a plethora of drugs that cause destructive behavior and physical harm.

10) Save money on diet pills.

The VAST majority of diet pills are appetite suppressants. You would think that suppressing the appetite would be a good thing, but in all reality it is VERY harmful if done with diet pills. Why? As stated above in reason #2, hunger pains are caused by billions of your cells signaling your brain that they are desperately in need of nutrients in order to live, function, and replicate new cells. When you take an appetite suppressant, this blocks the signal and therefore you do not feel hungry. This causes malnutrition, which you certainly know is a leading cause of disease, malfunctioning organs, as well as brain disorders – amongst many other harmful events including weakening your body, your immune system, and vital functions. The cost to repair this damage and/or the illnesses it causes is innumerable. When you take Royal Velvet, it NATUALLY feeds the cells what they need, eliminating the temptation to use potentially harmful appetite suppressants.

11) Make more money on improved job performance.

Many people make more money in their job because of several improvements in the their lives while taking Royal Velvet. Their bosses love the ‘new you’ because of the amount of work, quality of work, new ideas, and the energy and talent you bring to the table. They include: a) More motivation b) Improved creativity c) Increased intelligence d) Being able to multi-task e) Handling stress better – getting along with co-workers better f) Being able to do a task more efficiently g) Increased mental and physical endurance h) Improved mood – personality i) Fewer mistakes, accidents, mishaps.

12) Save money on being able to accomplish more (because of the need for less sleep and dramatically improved motivation.)

No need to hire maids, gardeners, repair men, mechanics, plumbers, electricians, etc. because you have extra time and energy that you would not normally have without taking Royal Velvet. We receive a huge volume of feedback from Royal Velvet users (and their spouses/significant others) about the remarkable changes and improvements in being able to accomplish everything from household chores to major projects around the house – simply because they take Royal Velvet.

BONUS 1) Improved looks without surgery.

It is a known fact that healthier, better looking, physically toned, less fat/obese people get better jobs and quicker advancements within their place of work. Occasionally we will have a client tell us that they were thinking about or actually scheduling plastic surgery – and were able to cancel the surgery – due to the fact that Royal Velvet DOES reverse the aging process. Improved looks include thicker, more natural looking hair (less grey), smoother skin with fewer wrinkles (see the testimonies on our Testimony page), pear-shaped body with excess fat turning to a more toned and youthful hour-glass shape, to facial bone restructuring (yes, you can be better looking simply from taking Royal Velvet – the proof is in the pudding so-to-speak.) So why spend a small fortune on (and suffer the pain from) botox, plastic surgery, liposuction, hair implants, facelift, cheek implants, eyelid surgery, tummy tuck, dermabrasion, etc. Just think about the HUGE monetary savings!

BONUS 2) Overall Health

Can you put a dollar figure on obtaining optimal health? Noticeable health improvements? Significant brain changes for the better? Impressive physical transformation, noticed by others? Improved mood, mental clarity, memory, intelligence, and sleep? Millions of people spend fortunes TRYING to obtain these things with much futility. Royal Velvet accomplishes so much with little effort and little money.

BONUS 3) Taking the red pill

Whether you want to accept it or not, mind control techniques are directly used on you on a daily basis; by your government, businesses via their advertisements (i.e.: TV, radio, billboards, magazines, newspapers…) as well as subliminal background music/noise programming in stores, and potentially nefarious other groups that want to control your behavior – including your spending habits. Taking Royal Velvet breaks the ability of these mind control techniques to manipulate you via the proper balance of neurotransmitters in the brain. And again, how can you put a dollar figure on that protection?