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The use of deer antler velvet for medicinal purposes dates back before the time of Christ. The first recorded use in written form is from the Hun Dynasty of China, dated around 200 BC.

Male members of the cervid family (moose, reindeer, caribou, deer and elk) grow antlers. They grow, fall off, and then regrow and repeat the cycle, year after year. Known as a miracle of nature, due to two facts: no other organ in the animal world comes close to such growth in such a short period of time, and the dramatic health results that people (and animals) see in the consumption of antler velvet.

Antler velvet has enjoyed periods of notoriety. Successful Russian power lifters and Olympians made the Russian version of antler velvet, called pantocrine, famous in the 1980’s. Most recently, various US sports banned the use of antler velvet, after athletes in several sports claimed that antler velvet products helped them achieve greater endurance, stamina, and athletic ability. The ban was later lifted.

The Good

With modern technology came the ability to learn about why antler velvet has had a storied history for thousand of years, as well as discovering unique aspects of antler composition during the growing stages. Nearly 2,000 nutrients have been discovered in antler velvet, including nutrients previously unknown.

Also discovered were the growth factors found only in specific areas of the antler, also found only during an exact time of the growth cycle. These growth factors are the main reason that antler velvet can actually reverse the human aging process, repair damaged organs and tissues inside the body, as well a do a plethora of ‘miraculous’ things that have astonished the medical and scientific communities.

Growth factors are delicate ‘nutrients’ that cannot survive the human digestive system, like minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients found in antler velvet. A new way to deliver these nutrients directly into the body, bypassing the stomach and digestive system, is through liposomes. This unique delivery system allows the nutrients to pass through the bucosal layer of the mouth directly into the blood stream within one minute. One company has produced the most efficacious antler velvet product in history, using the liposomal delivery system. Their product is called Royal Velvet.

Royal Velvet allows the consumer to receive upwards of 98% absorption of the nutrients, including the growth factors, found in their potent antler velvet extract. Companies selling antler velvet pills, powders, capsules, liquids or anything swallowed to be absorbed through the digestive system cannot assure that dozens of unique nutrients, including the growth factors will be utilized by the body.

The Good News is Royal Velvet is an adaptogen, balancing and repairing the body’s functions and systems, something no other food supplement in the world can do.

The Bad

Some companies have taken antler velvet extract and manipulated their product to contain dangerous levels of one of the growth factors, called IGF-1. Though IGF-1 is attributed to doing many beneficial things in the human body, too much IGF-1, and not enough of the other growth factors, can cause a proliferation of cancer cells. The Bad News is some supplement manufacturers are selling potentially dangerous cancer causing products to an unsuspecting population hungry for miraculous products.

The Ugly

The rare and unique nutrients found in antler velvet that will reverse the aging process, repair damaged organs, balance the 11 systems in the human body as well as other dramatic benefits represent less than 1% of the total weight of the antler. The other 99+% of the antler, that does contain minerals and amino acids, but not the growth factors and other unique nutrients, is what nearly all antler velvet products in the world are made from. In fact 99.9% of all antler velvet products in the world do not contain the balance of unique nutrients found only in Royal Velvet.

It is estimated that only approximately 250,000 – 300,000 people will be able to have access to an annual monthly supply of Royal Velvet, even if the company purchases the entire world's supply of the available quality extract. Just in the United States alone, 16 million people take Vitamin C daily, and 87 million people take some form of a multi-vitamin. Royal Velvet is tens of thousands of times more powerful and beneficial than any multi-vitamin.

Once the truth gets out about how Royal Velvet can dramatically help people with various health problems, athleticism, brain and emotional issues, there will be millions of people seeking to purchase product that is simply not available.

One national news article about the benefits of Royal Velvet preventing and helping with concussions will cause tens of millions of parents to rush to obtain the product for their school-aged children in sports. College, Olympic, pro and amateur athletes will also seek out antler velvet products, only to discover that 99.9% of those on the market do not supply the benefits that Royal Velvet does, because they do not contain the beneficial nutrients.

Or one national newscast describing how Royal Velvet repairs the insulin receptor sites as well a creating a new healthy pancreas will have tens of millions of Americans with blood sugar issues beating down the doors of the manufacturer of Royal Velvet begging for the product.

There are hundreds of health ‘issues’ benefited by Royal Velvet that could send millions of people running to the Internet looking for Royal Velvet.

The Ugly News is the fact that hundreds of millions of people all over the world desperately need Royal Velvet, (for some it is a matter of life or death,) but will not be able to benefit from it due to the finite supply of raw material in the world.

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