Women are more active and athletic than ever  before, but unsurprisingly, many report they are reluctant to join coed fitness centers. They express concerns that beefy, sweaty men will intimidate them while they do bench presses or lift free weights.

Who would have ever thought it could be the other way around? And yet, an astounding number of men confess just that—a reluctance to join yoga, one of hottest fitness trends of the last ten years. Of 15 million yoga participants nationwide, women represent nearly 73% of the class. Men only account for a mere 27%  Where are all the men?

The Gender Gap Explained

Men have offered a variety of reasons for their disinterest in yoga. Most simply feel uncomfortable because male bodies are different. They simply can’t do fundamental moves like touching their toes or elevating their legs.  Others admit they’re too scared they’ll be dismissed as creeps—-guys looking to gawk or find a hook-up. There’s also an inaccurate perception that yoga classes feature too many New Age elements like chanting or incense burning.

The benefits of yoga are many—it increases flexibility and strength. It also improves focus, energy and endurance. People with muscle injuries can safely ease back into training with yoga, and it’s also a fantastic way to release stress. Men shouldn’t have to miss out, but now there’s a way for them to enjoy the benefits of yoga, too.

Yoga for Men

One of the newest fitness crazes is broga, or yoga for men. Already countless gyms across the country have started offering broga classes to their members.  Even the largest national fitness chain, Gold’s gym, will soon be offering classes sometime in early 2014.

What’s behind the excitement? In more traditional yoga classes men are often called on to pose or move in certain ways their bodies are simply not designed to do.  Broga doesn’t do that. Instead, it offers classes with more of an emphasis on core-strengthening and muscle-toning. It’s grounded in the movements of yoga, but it’s also a workout that’s specifically designed to target the muscles of the male body.

The benefits of an all-male yoga class are many. Broga classes typically move at faster paces and some feature musical accompaniment like The Black Keys instead of Ravi Shankar.

Men also stated they didn’t have to worry about the fear of inappropriately exposing parts of their bodies. Broga offered them a chance to get comfortable, move around and even experiment with what was the most appropriate gym attire.

Fad or here to stay?

It’s too early to say whether broga is merely the latest in a long time of sports fitness crazes, or if, in fact, it’s here to stay. At The Healthy Protocol, LLC, we believe any moving your body is an integral part of good health. Here’s hoping broga stays around a long, long time.

Image Source: www.flickr.com/photos/mr_t_in_dc/4722401359

Original Source: https://royalvelvetnow.com/blog/mens-health/broga-yoga-guys-here