Physically, mentally and emotionally, diabetes is a stressful disease. Ever-changing blood sugar levels can cause irritability and crazy mood swings, putting a strain on both the affected individual and their family. Worry not: learn how to be a happy diabetic through these effective stress management techniques.

Acknowledge That It Will Happen – And That's Okay

Mood swings are absolutely normal for someone with diabetes to experience from time to time. They're frustrating, but don't let yourself forget that even when you seem to be managing your stress and blood sugar levels well, they will still happen. It's okay to feel grumpy, exhausted or just all-around not-so-great sometimes. Accept this and eliminate the guilt.

Control Your Blood Sugar By Keeping A Schedule

Your blood sugar is highest an hour or two after you eat a meal. Keeping this in mind, find an eating schedule that works for you and try to stick to it every day. Many people find that eating several small meals throughout the day works best, while others prefer to eat three well-rounded meals with healthy snacks in between. Eating consistently and eating well will help your blood sugar levels stay stable, minimizing mood swings and keeping your energy flowing from morning until night.

Make Exercise Enjoyable

Fitness can seem like a chore when you have diabetes (and even when you don't). If weight loss isn't enough to motivate you to go for a quick jog, remind yourself that exercise makes you happy. That's right – endorphins are practically a drug, and it helps you manage your blood sugar levels. Exercising the way you like will make it even more mood-lifting.

If you love being in the water, go for a swim. If you have a favorite television show, running on the treadmill while you watch it will make you actually look forward to working out. Force yourself to have fun with fitness, and before you know it, you'll be exercising without being told. (Read: endorphin levels through the roof.)

Treat Yourself To Relaxation

When you are unhappy, you can become irritable and take it out on others unintentionally. Making time during the day to do something you truly enjoy, whether that's taking a bubble bath or reading out on the porch, will make you feel more relaxed. Getting adequate sleep and taking naps when you need to can help restore your energy levels when they're zapped by low blood sugar. Taking Royal Velvet as a daily supplement will help you maximize your shut-eye and replenish those much-needed neurotransmitters.

Talk To Your Health Practitioner

There's no denying that living with diabetes takes work. Acknowledging your need for stress reduction and accommodating that need are important first steps, but sometimes it can feel as though nothing will solve the problem. Talk to your health practitioner about your mood swings. They will be able to provide relaxation tips and supplements if necessary so that you can live happily with diabetes.


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