There is only one major difference between Royal Velvet and Royal Velvet PURE. They both have the same proprietary extract, including the same amount of extract. However, Royal Velvet has three ingredients to give it taste. All three are natural food source flavorings, none are GMOs.

The three ingredients in Royal Velvet are: Lemon extract from lemon rinds, stevia (from a South American plant), and xylitol (from non-GMO corn).

Therefore, Royal Velvet has a sweet lemony taste and PURE has a very slight ‘earthy’ taste.

We recommend giving your pets only PURE, as some dog breeds are allergic to xylitol.

NOTE: Approximately one out of every 100,000 people are allergic to stevia. If you are allergic to stevia, we recommend you only take Royal Velvet PURE.

Children who are athletes, students, and children with certain illnesses greatly benefit from Royal Velvet/PURE. Parents who give their children PURE appreciate that it is does not have a sweet flavor, adding to the ‘sweets addiction’ that is epidemic amongst children. It is a know fact that if you do not allow children to eat sweet things, they do not develop a taste for sweets.