• Top 25 Typical Benefits

    Top 25 Typical Benefits

    Royal Velvet has hundreds of benefits. It “works” for everyone. It is all natural, as well as a sustainable food source supplement. It IS The Most Life-Changing Product In The World. Those benefits include:

    • A dramatic increase in energy, endurance, and stamina
    • Deeper, more restful sleep, feel vitalized upon awakening
    • Improved mental clarity, intelligence, and memory
    • Fewer aches and pains, stiffness, and immobility
    • Less depression, more joy – a sense of well-being, handle stress better
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  • Athletes

    Royal Velvet is the most powerful tool for ANY athlete wanting to be the best in their sport – NOTHING comes close!

    • Dramatically improves hand-eye coordination and brain function
    • Remarkable improvement in strength, stamina, and endurance
    • Helps prevent injuries through stronger bodily functions
    • Noticeable increase in muscle size and density
    • Repairs injuries quicker (concussions, bone, cartilage, or muscle damage… )
    • Aids recovery from intense workouts and sports
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  • Royal Velvet VS. Competition

    Royal Velet Logo

    No other antler velvet product in the world has our proprietary extract and formula, with 97% absorption! The following are THE FACTS about our “competitors” antler velvet products:

    • 99% do NOT contain growth factors or some of the other life-changing nutrients
    • Maximum absorption for pills, powders, capsules, and most liquids is only 10%
    • Our raw material costs more than 100 TIMES that of 99% of other velvet products
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  • Weight Loss

    Royal Velvet and Weight Loss

    Royal Velvet helps correct the 12 major causes of weight gain and obesity, as well as the difficulty in losing weight; including:

    • Prevents overeating through 3 different changes in your body
    • Helps burn fat more efficiently & increases metabolism
    • Boosts mental and physical energy & lessens fatigue, stress, & depression
    • Reduces insulin resistance and balances hormones
    • Restores thyroid function as well as other weight-important organs
    • Helps correct out-of-balance bodily functions that hinder ideal weight
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  • Reverse Aging

    Royal Velvet is touted in the 2012 book by famous doctor James Forsythe, “Anti-Aging Cures – Life Changing Secrets To Reverse The Effects of Aging – Your Key to the Real Fountain of Youth” as one of the few ways to reverse the aging process.

    • Smoother skin, fewer wrinkles, healthy glow – a MUCH more youthful appearance
    • Thicker hair and more natural color
    • Improved memory, mental clarity, intelligence, mood. and a sense of well-being
    • Deeper, more restful sleep, increased energy and stamina, improved body tone
    • Reversal of age related health issues and problems, both mental and physical
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  • Our Cruelty-Free Process

    New Zealand Red Deer

    Our extract comes only from New Zealand, which has the highest and strictest standards in the world for velvetting. It is a huge industry for New Zealand, which is one of the reasons they are so committed to the health and longevity of the stags.

    • The National Velvetting Standards Body of New Zealand has a very strict code of practice that makes sure the stags are not harmed in any way and the entire procedure is accomplished quickly, painlessly, and with optimal sanitary conditions.
    • When the antlers are removed, a licensed and specially trained veterinarian does the procedure, under the watchful eye of animal rights and welfare activists.
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  • Growth Factors

    Royal Velvet is the most complete and balanced natural food supplement containing growth factors in the world. Once you learn about what growth factors do in your body, you will never want to be without Royal Velvet.

    • The most famous growth factor, IGF-1, which does AMAZING things, including:
    • Stimulates muscles growth, helps burn fat, increases immune function, removes wrinkles, lowers blood pressure, increases bone mass, improves skin elasticity…
    • Nerve growth factors, which helps repair the central nervous system
    • More than a dozen other body-regulating, life-enhancing growth factors
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  • Sleep

    One of the most frequent benefits Royal Velvet customers report is dramatically improved sleep. This is due to the unique ability of Royal Velvet to supply the brain with all the building materials needed to replenish neurotransmitters, the sole purpose of sleep.

    • Deeper, more restful sleep – as well as getting to sleep quicker
    • Needing less sleep, up to two hours less, but getting greater benefits
    • Feeling revitalized upon awakening, not feeling tired throughout the day
    • As well as other benefits of ideal sleep
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  • Libido

    Royal Velvet aids optimal function of all 11 systems, including the reproductive system. We receive plenty of testimonies from both men and women about increased, healthy, sex drive and performance in the bedroom.

    • Improves brain chemistry associated with all aspects of libido
    • Increases blood flow naturally, without harmful chemicals or side effects
    • Aids both men and women in improved fertility
    • Improves physique to enhance attractiveness
    • Helps intensify and increases sexual performance.
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  • Pets

    Pet's Health

    Do you really love your pet dog or cat and want them to live a long, healthy, happy life? There is nothing more advantageous for these goals than Royal Velvet Pure for your pets!

    • Balance proper weight, improves strength, and brain function
    • Reverses aging just like in humans… your pet lives longer as well as healthier
    • Repairs damage, boosts immune function, thicker hair/coat
    • Strengthens and improves the health of bones and teeth
    • Easy to use, cost effective, natural, life-changing!
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  • Save $$$

    Royal Velvet allows you to save hundreds of dollars per month NOW, and thousands to tens of thousands of dollars (or more) in the future:

    • Nutrify your cells effectively and save on your monthly food bill
    • Replace most supplements with Royal Velvet and save hundreds
    • Repair bodily functions which lessens the need for drugs, (OTC, prescriptions…)
    • Reduced cravings and addictions can save a small fortune
    • Overall improved health means huge savings in medical bills
    • Improved health aids greater productivity at work and fewer sick days
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