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What You Do on Your Protocol (EVERYONE does these things:)

Drink 8 to 10 glasses of ionized alkaline water per day ONLY under these “RULES”:

Start at level 1 for one week, then level 2 the second week, 3 the 3rd week, and level 4 from then on.

NEVER drink ionized alkaline water one half hour BEFORE a meal through at least one hour AFTER a meal. (ALL liquids dilute the digestion process, EXCEPT red wine.)

Try to drink 8 to 10 glasses  (10 ounces per glass) per day.

Try your best to drink the water directly after it has come out of the machine. It is most potent (all 12 properties mentioned in Mr. Sawyer’s book The Homeostasis Protocol). You can put the water in a container and drink it throughout the day if you are away from home (school, work, trip…) However, again, it is most potent right after it has come out of the machine, and begins to diminish its effectiveness with 10 minutes or so. Within 24 to 36 hours, it will have lost 75% to 90% of its potency, which is still much better than tap water, bottled water, or ANY other type of water.

This is the easiest way to accomplish this:

Drink 2 glasses very first thing in the morning. Drink 2 glasses between breakfast and lunch. (9 to 11 am.)  Drink 2 to 4 glasses between lunch and dinner (2 to 5 pm). Drink 2 glasses  2 hours after dinner. (If you have an issue getting up in the middle of the night to urinate, drink one glass of water 2 hours after dinner.)

Consistently Take Royal Velvet PURE:

This is equally as important to bringing your body to homeostasis as is drinking the ionized alkaline water.

Take 3 sprays 4 times per day. Shake bottle vigorously and suck saliva in mouth and swallow it a couple times (preparing your mouth to be ‘dry’). Then spray 3 sprays directly under your tongue, close your mouth, hold for 45 to 50 seconds, then swallow. This is one dosage (3 sprays).

The MOST important time to take Royal Velvet PURE is at night directly before bedtime. This provides your brain with the building materials it needs to replenish all your neurotransmitters so your brain can function OPTIMALLY throughout the day. Then take 3 sprays first thing upon awakening in the morning. Then two other times throughout the day take 3 sprays. Best time is before and during ANY exercise (walking, biking, working out, tennis, golf…)

Take Royal Chlorella:

More people in the world take chlorella (nearly 900 MILLION people), than ANY other supplement of any kind. That is because it does some amazing things. (Check out our chlorella information here.)

The best way to START taking Royal Chlorella is SLOWLY, so you do not OVER detox. Take one before one or two meals for a few days and then continue to slowly increase, until you are taking 6 (or more is OK) per day. That usually is 2 before each of three meals or 3 before two of your meals.

Should you have loose stools at anytime, this simply means you are detoxifying too rapidly or you have a HUGE amount of heavy metals and toxins to get rid of. Back off the dosage, and begin to slowly increase the dosage until you reach your goal.

Take Royal Sleep:

Royal Sleep helps you get into those DEEP dimensions of sleep that allow replenishment of the neurotransmitters that you used up throughout the course of the day. Without spending a couple hours in each of the two deepest states, called Gamma and Delta sleep, you would not be able to accomplish the PURPOSE of sleep: replenishing the neurotransmitters. (Royal Velvet PURE supplies all the building materials for this to happen. Royal Sleep gets you into the proper sleep state for it to happen.)

Place 5 to 6 sprays under the tongue from one hour to right before bedtime. You can take 3 to 5 sprays an hour before and 3 to 5 sprays at bedtime if you have difficulty falling asleep.


Benefits you may experience in the first 90 days of doing The Homeostasis Protocol:

1) A dramatic increase in energy, endurance, and stamina.

2) Deeper, more restful sleep. Feel vitalized upon awakening. Sleeping one or two hours LESS than ‘normal’, yet feeling BETTER.

3) More youthful appearance. Fewer wrinkles. Smoother skin. 

4) Improved mental clarity, intelligence, and memory. Various brain changes, all for the better. Improved personality.

5) Fewer aches and pains, stiffness, immobility.

6) Improved body tone. (Fat loss and / or increased musculature.)

7) Less depression. More joy - sense of well-being. Handle stress better. More self control.

8) Increased libido. Better, more satisfying love-making.

9) Relief from ailments or health problems.

10) Increased athletic performance and skill. Better hand-eye coordination.

11) Improved hearing, eyesight, taste, smell, and feeling.

12) Improved cardiac function. More balanced blood pressure.

13) Increased bone density, strength, and health.

14) Prevention of injury through stronger bodily functions. Thicker, denser bones, increased muscle density, overall more solid.

15) Quick wound healing and recovery when an injury does occur.

16) Efficient cellular function for dramatic slowing down of the aging process. REVERSAL of the signs of aging, mentally and physically.

17) Reduced hunger pains, cravings, and addictions. Consuming much less food.

18) Increased immune function. Fewer infections and health issues.

19) Thicker healthier hair, more natural hair color.

20) Healthier and thicker nails.

21) Hormonal balancing, especially for women.

22) Absence of seasonal allergies and ailments.

23) Improvement in blood sugar levels.

24) Increased job skills, creativity, and performance.

25) Savings of a small fortune. Save at least $100 per month on food, drugs, supplements, medical bills, and lost work. How? 

a) Nutrify the cells efficiently so the cells do not need to signal the brain, “Feed me, feed me.” Fewer hunger pains, prevents overeating and fewer cravings for junk food, nicotine, caffeine, and sugar. Huge savings in food bill.

b) Improved overall body functions require considerably fewer narcotics, OTC’s (Over The Counter) and prescription drugs. Many people save hundreds of dollars per month.

c) Stop taking other supplements and nutrify your body more effectively with Royal Velvet. Stop taking handfuls of pills, tablets, powders, and liquid supplements yet receive greater nutritional benefits with just Royal Velvet.

d) Fewer medical complications means fewer medical bills. Did you know that the number one cause of bankruptcy in the United States (over a million per year) is huge medical expenses, even though they have health insurance?

e) A much healthier body and mind is more resilient: fewer “sick days” at work. Requiring less sleep means more time to work or enjoy life. Mental clarity and uplifted mood generates greater productivity.