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Jim McMahon

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Vincent Spano

"I noticed an increase in energy during the day and a deeper more restful sleep at night."

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Below, we give a small sample of 4 testimonies to the right side of each health category. Do you want to read what other people have to say? Simply click on ANY subject box on the left column to read more testimonies how Royal Velvet helps you in that particular health category.

Tom O’Malley

“So far this Royal Velvet is working very well! I can walk up a flight of stairs with out any pain in my knee or my hip. Thanks!”

Randy Pflug

“My left ankle has been swollen for 17 years. They call it lymph edema. Nothing helped. In just one week using Royal Velvet, I actually saw decreased swelling and in some veins in my foot. THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

Shawn & Charlene Okendu

“My wife always complains of headaches. When she wakes up in the morning she has stiffness and back pain and can sometimes be a little grumpy. Now she is in GREAT spirits and complains no more! It’s only been three days and we noticed a change on the first night!”

Merle Symonds

“I can't believe the effects of Royal Velvet! I was diagnosed with various types of arthritis (including rheumatoid arthritis). But since taking Royal Velvet, and I have only been taking it for 2 DAYS, the ache in my right heel is gone!”

Frank Rose

“My libido has picked WAY up. This is the way life is supposed to be.”

David Krueger

“I feel strong. I sleep well. I have energy.. here is the greatest benefit - increased virility. I have the sexual stamina and desire like an 18 year old.”

Tim Rousan

“…my libido has got stronger…”

Phillip A Russo

“I am 62 years old.. I do feel much healthier overall, aches and pains are reduced, blood pressure is down, losing a few pounds, and the libido has gotten a boost! Thanks.”

Daniel Bloem

“… I lost 15 pounds of fat in 3 months…”

James Allen

“I lost 20 pounds in 1 1/2 months. MY LOVE HANDLES WENT AWAY, FINALLY.”THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

Chad Hyde

“My energy and stamina are both up, and I've lost about forty pounds. My legs have gotten stronger. I will never be without Royal Velvet.”

Jose Saldana

“I went from a size 36 waist to a size 28! Friends I have not seen in months do not recognize me. Their JAWS DROP! I look younger, my face is different, I even walk different!”

James Allen

“The energy is unbelievable.”

Martine Lafontaine

“…Before taking this wonderful product, I had no energy to do anything else after my day at work.”

Yasuo Nishizaki

“Thank you for making such a wonderful product! I've felt a significant increase of energy since I started it.”

Antonio Da Silva

“Royal Velvet lifted my energy. It made me feel strong. I have honestly not taken another supplement that even compares with the increase of energy.”

Kelly Shumacher

“I am balding especially on the crown of my head, and since I started taking Royal Velvet my hair has not only ceased thinning, but also is looking thicker and fuller.”

David Krueger

“My hair has thickened. Pattern balding was arrested and reversed. I now have a healthy head of hair! Graying has been reduced…” THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

David Pipkin

“…I have lost at least 60% of my grey hair.”

Kathy Grubb

“After starting on Royal Velvet, I first noticed changes in my husband. His face changed. The lines and wrinkles became noticeably softer. His beard became darker, (he was totally gray.) Now he is a distinguished salt and pepper.”

Daniel Bloem

“…I started sleeping better the first week…”

Tom Krager

“I feel better, look better, am healthy, and sleep amazing well.”

Ron Davis

“I have been using other supplements for sleep issues and for anxiety, that I no longer need after just 2 days of using Royal Velvet. I now get in a deep sleep, quality sleep like years ago, every night.”

James Allen

“Oh the sleeping. Well all I can say is I get better sleep than I ever have had.”

Daniel Bloem

“… I am 57 and I already feel like a teenager…”

Robert Oberdier

“I love the way it makes me feel… I am 63 years old … BUT I feel like I am still in my 30’s! I am so Active and Alive!”

Jack Katz

“I am often told I look 20 or 30 years younger than my age, even though I am 85 years old. I attribute my smooth youthful skin and firm muscles, and many other benefits to this extraordinary Royal Velvet supplement.”

Frank Rose

“…I’m 53 and I feel like I’m 20 again, no joke!”

Kelly Shumacher

“…since I started taking Royal Velvet my workouts are going longer, stronger, and harder, and I am in the best shape of my life.”

Charles Hafer

“I've gained roughly twenty pounds of lean muscle using Royal Velvet along with a very basic workout routine.”

David Krueger

“My body shape has changed. My jaw is a little more square, my shoulders a little more broad, musculature more defined all around my body. I never gain weight. My friends and family tell me I look amazing and young. They can't believe it.”

Daniel Bloem

“…my muscle tone is back to what it was 10 years ago…”

Cody Hoaglund

“My skin is the softest and healthiest it has been since I was a baby. I feel like a new man. Royal Velvet has changed my life!”

Jack Katz

“I am often told I look 20 or 30 years younger than my age, even though I am 85 years old. I attribute my smooth youthful skin and firm muscles, and many other benefits to this extraordinary Royal Velvet supplement.”

Michael Williams

“I feel like I am in my 30’s again. Royal Velvet really works for me.”

Eric Mina

“My friends and family have said that I always look younger than from the last time they saw me and I get more compliments about how young I look. I am a customer for life!”

Daniel Bloem

“… my mental clarity improved, my depression disappeared…”

Matt Williams

“…the first thing that I noticed was how happy I was, and just in a great mood every day. Royal Velvet Pure got me through the days and made me feel better emotionally and physically.”

Yoshua Ortiz

“I am growing happier every day. I literally feel my relationship with the world around me changing day by day.”

Frank Rose

“My concentration is like it has never been, my mind is sharp as a razor. My general mood is, I can’t even put into words. I feel just awesome!”

Daniel Bloem

“… my eyesight improved!!!”

Kathy Grubb

“Both my husband and I have seen dramatic improvements in our eyesight. He no longer wears glasses and my prescription has been significantly reduced.”

Jermaine Fountain

“My eyesight has improved dramatically. I can now see up close without objects looking blurry.”

Caroline Gold

“I am 65 years old and remarkably, my vision improved significantly. I began to not be able to see from my former glasses. It turns out, they were 3 times stronger than I now need.”