Have you ever thought about the opportunity you have at this time of the year to make a life-changing difference in your loved ones’ life?

What is the GREATEST gift you can give them this Holiday Season? A tie? A toy? A trinket?

The answer is the gift of Life. The gift of a higher quality of life. The gift of getting on the road to success, prosperity, and health. Improved brain function. Better sleep. Age reversal. Improved athleticism. Muscle tone and weight loss. Vanishing health problems.

There are no ties, nor toys or trinkets in the world that can have a more powerful impact on your loved ones than the most life-changing product in the world  - Royal Velvet.

From young to old. Royal Velvet WILL benefit your children, nieces and nephews to parents, grand parents, aunts and uncles.

Teenagers see dramatic improvement in test scores, attitude, sports injury prevention, school, and athleticism.

Can a toy, treasury bill, or trinket do that?

Adults see dramatic improvements in their golf game, work habits, weight, sleep, energy, and libido.

Can a tie, telephone, or trinket do that?

Seniors see dramatic improvement in memory, aches and pains, mobility, more youthful appearance and overall health.

Can a toiletry, tidbit or trinket do that?

We have made a simple way you can send a gift of Royal Velvet (or PURE) to your relatives, co-workers, loved ones, and friends this year. And we will honor the “buy two get one free” Holiday Special.

Purchase three bottles of Royal Velvet or Royal Velvet PURE and we will send you or the person you are giving the gift to, an extra bottle. NOTE: The retail price is $79.95 per bottle. The special (4 bottles) costs only $177 (plus $8 S&H), which is ONLY $44.25 per bottle!

For our AUTOSHIP  customers, we will honor YOUR price. Purchase three bottles and get a fourth free!  NOTE: That is only $36.75 per bottle for four bottles with FREE shipping and handling!

You can call us or place your gift order on our website. Just note in the comment box “Holiday Special Gift”. We will see that the “bill to” address and the “ship to” address are different. If you simply want the product sent to your home, add a request for additional packets of 1st time information.

For example: You choose to order 15 bottles of Royal Velvet and get 5 bottles FREE. However, you are going to give three people gifts of Royal Velvet. You can request three (up to 5 max) additional packets of information for your loved ones and we will send them to you with your order.

Holiday Hours:

We will be closed from 5PM Central Time, Wednesday December 23rd through Monday, December 28th at 8AM.  We will also be closed from Noon, Thursday, December 31st to Monday, January 4, 2015 at 8AM.