Happy Holidays from The Healthy Protocol

We are blessed to have you as a client and want to be an extra special blessing to you this holiday season. Therefore we have the best special of the year on Royal Velvet!!!
FYI: As you know, we ONLY offer specials on Royal Velvet/Pure twice a year, once in the summer and once for the holidays at the end of the year.

The 2015 Holiday Special!!!

Purchase three bottles of Royal Velvet or Royal Velvet Pure and receive one bottle of Royal Velvet or Royal Velvet Pure FREE! (Your choice!) Limit five FREE bottles (I.E. : purchase 15 bottles and receive five FREE, for a total of 20 bottles).
You must go to our website* to place the order, and follow the simple instructions in order to receive your FREE product.

From NOW until the end of December, for every FREE bottle of Royal Velvet or Royal Velvet PURE that you receive, we will include an additional FREE bottle of Royal Sleep!

You can receive up to 5 FREE bottles of Royal Sleep by simply taking advantage of the Holiday Special. To see just HOW important getting PROPER sleep is, and HOW beneficial Royal Sleep is to providing that PROPER sleep, read the information below. Your life will never be the same. Click Here

NOTE: The Holiday Special ENDS on the last day of December. 

*Phone orders and email orders are allowed under certain conditions. Keep reading.

  1. You must go to: www.royalvelvetnow.com
  2. You must order at least three bottles of Royal Velvet or Royal Velvet Pure in order to receive one bottle free. For every three bottles ordered (up to a maximum of 15 bottles), you will receive one free bottle of your choice of either Royal Velvet or Royal Velvet Pure.
    Example: If you order 6 bottles of Royal Velvet, you will receive 2 free bottles of your choice of Royal Velvet.
  3. You MUST type in the comment box the word "Holiday Special" and any special instructions.  

    PLEASE note: You can NOT call us or email us to receive the FREE product RETROACTIVELY. We package and ship orders as they come in. So don't forget to type in “Holiday Special” in the comment box.

    The reasons you MUST put in this information is to allow us to know that you indeed did read the December Newsletter (anyone placing an order online, not aware of the Holiday Special, will NOT receive the special.) The Holiday Special is ONLY for our regular clients who READ the Newsletter.

For our AUTOSHIP Customers ONLY

You may receive the same free bottles with any ADDITIONAL order that you place between now and December 31st. You will receive free shipping and handling and the price that you pay on your monthly Autoship order. This SPECIAL is available for ALL our AUTOSHIP customers in good standing.

You can place your order on our website, via phone, or email. Autoship customers orders for the Holiday Special (free product) are called a “Fill-in” order.

  1. Website order: Go to our website, https://royalvelvetnow.com and the AUTOSHIP section. Place your order for any amount up to 15 bottles. YOU MUST PUT IN THE COMMENT BOX “FILL-IN”. You will receive one free bottle for every three you purchase. Your order will ship with your NEXT AUTOSHIP. The following month your AUTOSHIP will revert back to your normal AUTOSHIP amount.
  2. Phone order: Call us at 1-877-488-7423, during normal business hours and we will take your order over the phone.
  3. Email order: Email us at info@royalvelvetnow.com and tell us the following information:

Your first and last name

Your mailing address

Your email address (address, city, state, postal code, country)

Your current phone number

How many bottles of Royal Velvet or PURE that you want to purchase

The last 4 digits of the credit card number you want to use

The expiration date

Holiday Hours:

We will be closed from 5PM Central Time, Wednesday December 23rd through Monday, December 28th at 8AM.  We will also be closed from Noon, Thursday, December 31st to Monday, January 4, 2015 at 8AM.