Your healthy Halloween survival guide is here. These helpful tips will keep you on track this year. If you’re staying at home and passing out candy, or putting on a costume and hitting the party circuit, we’ve got you covered.

For the At Home Host

Buy your candy at the last moment possible. It seems hard to do, after all, stores have been featuring Halloween candy displays since mid-September. But walk right past those shelves and don’t even think about candy until late on the afternoon of the 31st. This will help with temptation. If you don’t have candy in the house, you won’t snack on it yourself.

What about sugarless options?

Sure, you can buy pretzels or other sugar-free options, but the honest truth is that no one wants to get those kinds of treats in their bags. And you don’t want to be that house that ends up covered in raw eggs or white toilet paper.

It’s about YOU not THEM

Buy candy you hate so you won’t eat it. If you have an aversion to things like almonds or coconut, buy candy with those ingredients so you won’t touch it. Odds are that someone will appreciate the candy you hate!  And don’t forget, passing out candy is a generous thing to do. It’s better to pass out something than nothing at all.  No one likes a grumpy homeowner who shuts off their porch light and doesn’t answer the door to trick-or-treaters.

What to do with Leftovers

What happens if you still have candy left over and the steady stream of trick-or-treaters has petered out? Shut off your porch light and leave the remaining candy in a disposable bowl on your front porch. An older teenage straggler ALWAYS comes by long after the kiddos have called it a night. They’ll probably take the whole thing off your hands. If that fails to happen, unload it in the break room at work the next day.

For the Around the Town Partier

Hit the party circuit with some low calorie drink options. Nothing says Halloween like Orange and candy corn so try the Orange Candy Corn Martini.  Mix 2 ounces of vodka, 2 ounces of diet ginger ale, 2 ounces of diet orange soda and add one candy corn on the side as a spooky garnish.

Gin is one of the lowest calorie alcohols available. Mix gin with carbonated, zero calorie water. Add some green food coloring and voila! You have a zombie brew. Add some purple food coloring and make a witchy concoction instead. Or get creative and add whatever food coloring you want! For extra fun, add plastic eyeballs or wax vampire teeth to your brew. You can do this with a punch bowl, or add items individually as a garnish.

Bloody Mary’s Mess

A bloody Mary looks naturally scary!  It consists of nothing more than 3 ounces of tomato juice and 2 ounces of vodka. Add a dash of lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, celery salt or ground pepper if you want to spice it up.

These low calorie drinks will put you in the spirit of Halloween without wrecking your healthy lifestyle.

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