Dangers pets face over the holidays. Tips to keep your pets safe. A list of foods your pet can and cannot eat.

The Holiday season is almost officially upon us. Sure, it can be stressful making preparations involving the food, the family, and the shopping.  Here’s a reminder not to overlook that certain someone special: your pets.

The Under the Table Pet

Are you guilty of feeding your pets under the table during mealtimes? Sometimes it’s hard not to do. When they sit patiently under the table and then look up at you with their big eyes, it’s tempting to want to give them a little scrap left over from your plate.  We don’t just do this with our dogs, for many cat owners, this habit is also fairly common.  

Even if you never indulge in that type of spoiling, be careful this holiday season that your relatives don’t either.  If you’re having a lot of guests over and your pet is quieting sitting nearby, many people feel a natural and well-meaning urge to toss food from the table.

The bottom line is that human food is not meant for pets and can create serious health issues, especially pancreatitis. This is when swelling and inflammation occurs in the pancreas. It is a common complication when dogs are fed rich or fatty foods they are not meant to ingest.

What to Really Avoid

Don’t give your dog bones. You read that correctly.  Bones can splinter or become obstructed in the throat. Raw meats are also off the list. These items contain bacteria, which can lead to poisoning.  Alcohol is another big no-no for your pet.  Don’t let a loud, boisterous relative tell you that it’s funny to watch an animal get drunk.  Only a little alcohol in your pet’s system can lead to damage of the liver and the central nervous system.

Other foods to avoid giving your pet include the following: avocados, onions and garlic, coffee, tea, grapes, raisins, milk, macadamia nuts, candy and gum, chocolate, fruits with pits, raw eggs, salt, and yeast.  For a complete list of foods your pets should avoid and foods your pets should eat, check out the slideshow at WebMD. (http://pets.webmd.com/dogs/ss/slideshow-foods-your-dog-should-never-eat)

Some Simple Rules to Follow

Now that you know, how do you deal with holiday guests?  First, set firm polite rules.  Gently explain to them the importance of keeping your pet healthy, and how even “one little bite” really can cause problems.  Another idea is to keep your pet outside during dinner.  If you have a fenced backyard, send your dog there so that others won’t be tempted to sneak him or her food when you’re not looking.  Put your cat in the bedroom and close the door during mealtime.

What To Give Your Pet

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