Regular exercise is important for everyone, but why is it especially vital for people with diabetes? An active body is more sensitive to insulin, allowing cells to work more efficiently. Consistent exercise lowers blood glucose levels and dramatically improves your mood. If you haven't done so already, the new year is the perfect time to create an exercise plan to manage your diabetes.

Where To Begin? Ask Your Health Practitioner

Whether you're a seasoned athlete or prefer a more sedentary life, being diagnosed with diabetes calls for a change in your routine. It's important never to strain yourself by making too dramatic of a change at once. No matter where you are healthwise, talk to your health practitioner before starting a new fitness plan.

The Benefits Of Exercise For Diabetes

Physical activity supplies your mind and body with an endless variety of benefits. Regular exercise can help you:

  • lower blood sugar levels
  • lower your AIC
  • decrease cholesterol levels
  • relieve stress
  • improve your sex life
  • control your weight
  • boost energy
  • promote better sleep
  • reduce symptoms of depression

A consistent fitness regimen may even allow you to take fewer diabetes medications and insulin supplements in the long run.

Exercising Safely

The most important part of your new exercise plan should be safety. To stay injury-free, always remember to:
  • plan five minutes of warm-up time and a five-minute cool down into each workout
  • drink plenty of water before, during and after you exercise
  • keep a source of carbohydrates with you in case of a glucose drop (particularly if you have type 1 diabetes)
  • stop exercising if you feel pain, have trouble breathing or feel lightheaded
Even if you aspire to climb Mt. Everest (a commendable goal), you must start with baby steps. It's easy to get excited about an awesome new routine and want to jump right into it, but rushing is a surefire way to exhaust your body and feel discouraged. Set small achievements for yourself and increase them as you improve.

Cheat On The 30-Minutes-A-Day Rule

Many experts say that at least 30 minutes a day is an ideal amount of exercise for the average individual. However, if you can't do all 30 minutes in one go, don't worry – you'll still reap the benefits if you spread it out. Try a 15 minute jog in the morning, 5 minutes of squats at lunch and a 10 minute walk in the evening. However you switch it up, customize your fitness plan so that it suits your own needs and schedule. 

Boost Your Athletic Performance

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