Did you make a New Year’s resolution to eat healthier? Now is the perfect time to revisit that goal. Blake Sawyer, author of The Homeostasis Protocol, outlines in his book a nutrition plan intended to get your body not just back on track, but in total homeostasis. In celebration of National Nutrition Month, use his tips to help give your body a “spring cleaning.”

HELP (Homeostasis Eating For Life)

Every cell in your body relies on certain vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients in order to replicate each day. The HELP (Homeostasis Eating For Life) nutrition guide emphasizes how we eat these nutrients in addition to what we eat. According to The Homeostasis Protocol, these six guidelines should drive your eating habits.


Organically grown foods tend to be richer in nutrients than non-organic foods, and they’re better for the earth, too. Keep toxic chemicals away from your body and nourish your cells by choosing organic.


Raw fruits and vegetables can be eaten in (reasonably) endless quantities and still be good for you, so pile on the broccoli! These are the absolute best foods for energy and vitality. On the other hand, cooking alters the biological structure of your food, zapping its nutritional value. Whenever possible, eat these foods raw.

Small Portions

Plenty of dietitians emphasize the importance of eating small portions, and for good reason: spreading your nutrient intake throughout the day helps you to control hunger, maintain energy levels, digest more easily, and regulate blood sugar. Plus, it keeps you from overeating and gaining unnecessary weight.


Your mouth is the only part of your digestive system you have total control over, yet we often forget how important it is to chew food properly. Chewing breaks large particles of food into smaller particles that are easier for the stomach and small intestine to process. Saliva is full of digestive enzymes that allow nutrients to be absorbed more effectively down the line.


Different types of produce contain combinations of nutrients as diverse as the colors of the rainbow. Spinach, for example, has a blend of vitamins and minerals not found in any other plant. “Eat a wide variety for optimal nutrient intake,” Sawyer recommends.

In addition to these five guidelines, The Homeostasis Protocol urges caution in consuming soft drinks such as colas, calling it “the single most harmful thing you can do (besides drugs).” Staying away from processed, sugary foods is imperative.

Nutrifying your cells is a challenge, and total health—what Sawyer dubs “divine health”—is your reward. The Healthy Protocol, LLC’s Royal Velvet is a natural, unprocessed supplement that can be your “secret weapon” in the path towards complete nutrition. Like raw, well-chewed fruits and veggies, the nutrients in Royal Velvet are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. Added to a nutrient-rich diet, Royal Velvet helps your body reach homeostasis: balance, freedom from disease, and ultimate vitality.

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