It can be heartbreaking for a pet owner who has to watch their aging pet deteriorate.  Dogs in particular are prone to muscle stiffness and joint inflammation as they age.  This can cause limited mobility for your dog, which can lead to weight gain, heart problems, and depression.  Joint issues can also be physically painful for your pet.  While joint and muscle issues may be treated after they've begun, it's infinitely more effective to bolster dog joint health before there's a problem.           

In common parlance, a joint refers to the cartilage between the bones as well as the supporting tendons and ligaments, which exist to protect the joint and promote mobility.  If cartilage, tendons, or ligaments are inflamed or are losing their moisture, the result is discomfort.  For pets and people alike, supplements such as creatine or glucosamine chondroitin are often used.  This is problematic for dog joint health for several reasons.  First, creatine can increase energy levels—in fact, that's its primary function in the body. Increased energy in a dog with poor mobility is an injury waiting to happen.  Glucosamine can have limited effectiveness in treating inflammation and reducing pain.  It is typically recommended that glucosamine be taken for the remainder of the dog's life, and additional painkillers might still be needed.  That can be a big pill for any loving pet owner to swallow.

The good news is that recent advancements in supplementation have led to a new discovery in dog joint health.  Dogs, cats, and even horses have benefited from using deer antler velvet extract to promote vitality and health.  The best way to encourage a long healthy life is to support every system of the body.  Royal Velvet Pure allows your dog to absorb more nutrition from his food and to utilize that nutrition better throughout his body.  Maintaining optimal dog joint health can keep future health risks to a minimum.  Regular use of a natural supplement such as deer antler velvet extract lets your dog know that he's your best friend.

Photo taken by:  Martine Sansoucy

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