If you are a cat person, you already know that cats can be masters of secrecy, watching the world from a favorite perch, ready to pounce in an instant.  The very nature of a cat suggests speed, stealth, grace, and agility.  But what happens when your cat isn't as agile and stealthy as it once was?  Could purported behavioral problems like fighting or missing the litter-box actually be attributed to stiff or painful joints?  Absolutely.  And because cats are such secretive creatures, you may not even realize there's a problem.  Cats, especially those in multi-cat households, will hide an injury whenever possible.  This means that cat joint health is something cat owners should be thinking about all the time—not just when there's a problem.

You may feel confident in the pet food you choose.  But did you know that even the best food is useless to your cat if they aren't absorbing the nutrients it contains?  Many pet foods omit key enzymes that encourage digestion and absorption of vitamins and minerals.  This means most of those expensive nutrients end up in the litter-box.  Modern research suggests that the best thing you can do to encourage cat joint health is regular supplementation that encourages overall wellness.  Helping your cat with a natural supplement can lead to greater longevity and a better quality of life.

One of the most exciting advancements in cat joint health and overall pet wellness is Royal Velvet Pure.  Studies backed by testimonials suggest that deer antler velvet extract promotes wellness in a number of ways.  It is believed to work at the cellular level, thereby encouraging every system of the body to function at peak levels.  This extract also contains antioxidant properties and is free of known side effects.  Best of all, it is formulated for instant absorption without the hassle of pills.  Cat lovers are rejoicing over this simple way to support cat joint health and long, happy feline lives.