"It's all about the Photons!!"
[yet to be proven, but it is a stimulating possibility to consider]

What acupuncture meridians may be is a fascia-based network of protected light-transmission. This dovetails with the work of Popp and Klinghardt.  Basically, if you protect your photon transmission you boost your Qi energy.  One could even include stabilizing your electromagnetic matrix such as via minerals in your diet and products that help with "Earthing." [As stated elsewhere this is conjecture; the Hyaluronic Acid zones/"tubules" may be acting as protected pathways for easy flow of electrons.]

I am more convinced than ever that the Hyaluronic Acid component of the human fascial system is the key to the dynamic autonomic regulation that makes human beings different from other mammals. Our extensive matrix of soft, pliable fascia with a supply of Hyaluronic Acid that can rapidly shift to be where there is injury or a need for more attention of the body to healing a specific area is the reason that humans are so adaptable and so intelligent. H.A. and the meridian system are at the core of what makes us human. The crystal-clear Hyaluronic Acid is in my opinion the matrix that carries the photons that then begin the minute changes in the electroconductivity that end up causing major changes in physiological function.

If we could use the AcuGraph to document electrical conductivity changes as being affected by increasing a person's level of H.A., then I think that we would be able to get the interest of major research institutions.

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