Men, PLEASE read the entire blog. It is very important!

Recently we’ve had a flood of men contacting us with prostate, urinary, and sexual problems, mostly due to an enlarged prostate.  Men complain about getting up several times every night to urinate, poor sexual performance, feeling like they have to go to the bathroom all the time, hair loss, as well as many other ‘problems’ – all related to prostate problems.

The GOOD News: One of the ‘easiest’ things to deal with, that most men suffer from, are prostate issues. This is proven in the volume of testimonies we receive from those we council with prostate issues.

The BAD news: This helpful information is being suppressed, as well as the sheer volume of men suffering from prostate problems.

Here are a few statistics:

  • 80% of men 50 and older will be diagnosed with some form of prostate disease.
  • 50% MORE men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year than are diagnosed with lung cancer (the leading cause of death by cancer in men).
  • 1.5 million men in the US are diagnosed with prostate problems every year (year after year after year – 15 million per decade.)
  • Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of death by cancer of men (after lung cancer.)
  • There are dozens of prescription AND over-the-counter drugs that cause prostate problems. 

There has been a dramatic increase in higher Gleason Scores in men who have been diagnose with prostate cancer, in just the past few years. The higher the Gleason Score, the more aggressive (meaning higher mortality rate) the prostate cancer. (We believe this is due to a more acidic body, which is the environment that promotes cancer proliferation.)

The REALLY GOOD news: We are here to help you. With the truth. With the facts. And with honest help that will make a difference in your life, whether you HAVE prostate issues now, or simply want to avoid them and be pro-active (the VERY intelligent thing to do.)

We have several products that aid the prostate to function properly, protect it from being attacked or mutating, as well as to repair it.

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New York Times best selling author Dr. Oz did the foreword.  And Dr. Andrew Weil stated, “This is the one essential guide to prostate health. I recommend it to my patients and follow the recommendations in it myself.”

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Royal Velvet PURE – the most life-changing product in the world. Protects DNA integrity of the prostate cells. Feeds the prostate the nutrients needed to function optimally. Reverses the aging process. Dramatically improves libido, testosterone production, and balances male hormones.

1 oz bottle – 180 sprays (60 dosages – 15 day supply) MSRP $79.95  Your price $65. (Or $59 each if you purchase 3 or more.)

Prostate 5LX  -  Our #1 selling prostate product, used successfully by hundreds of thousands of men all over the world.  

120 vegcaps  (60 day supply) MSRP $62.95 – Your price $50

Prostate + Probiotics – Our new favorite, due to the remarkable results our clients are seeing consistently using this product. (NOTE: Keep it in the frig once you receive it.)

60 vegetarian capsules – (30 day supply)  MSRP $44.95  - Your price $36.00

Zyflamend Prostate – Similar in formulation to Prostate 5LX but INCLUDES several other natural herbs, medicinals, and beneficial constituents to aid in normal prostate function and urine flow.

60 Liquid Vcaps (30 day supply)  MSRP $44.95 – Your price $36.00

Prostate Strength – Has a unique combination of nutrients, from food sources, that nourishes, protects, and soothes the prostate.

60 tablets (30 day supply)  MSRP $38.96  - Your price $32.00.


WARNING: The ONLY “side effect” that we need to mention is the potential for dramatic hair growth, IF you take both Royal Velvet AND either Prostate 5LX or Zyflamend Prostate. Why? Royal Velvet feeds all the cells in your body what they need for optimum function, including hair follicles. The two prostate products block the conversion of testosterone into DHT, which is the MAJOR cause of hair loss (what most men think of as “male pattern baldness”.) Not only does this increase hair on the top of men’s heads, but also facial hair and body hair. IF you do not want increased hair production, then you may want to stay away from adding these products.

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