Every year billions of dollars are spent on various forms of research. As any intelligent person today knows, some of that research is skewed. The reasons vary, but are hardly difficult to understand. As the consummate truth seeker, before I write (a book, an article, or this blog) or speak (at a seminar, on my radio show or podcasts, or as a seminar guest) I highly ‘research’ the research. Why? To make sure it is the truth, and that I can ‘document’ what I am relating to my audience.

With that said, over the years I have gathered several fascinating studies on exercise and the difference it makes WHEN you exercise. As with many things, I use myself as a guinea pig. (OK, everyone chill. I AM an animal lover, so hold the emails from those of you who want to ‘school’ me on animal testing. My guinea pig example is a universal idiom.)

What is absolutely fascinating about this particular subject, WHEN you should exercise, is the fact that nearly ALL research agrees, as does my own personal experience and that of others that I have spoken with.

So, WHEN is the best time to exercise? Hands down, unequivocally, first thing upon rising in the morning. Before breakfast. Before work. Before everything. (OK, let’s not get TOO literally here. You can go to the bathroom AND get dressed.)

Why is first thing in the morning best? For several reasons. It considerably lowers blood pressure (in those with elevated BP), whilst research shows that exercising at other times does not help modulate blood pressure.

Improved sleep is another benefit. In fact, first-thing-in-the-morning exercise almost doubled the amount of restful (deep) sleep participants obtained (in several studies) compared to exercising any other time of the day or night.

And the crown jewel of benefits? Dramatic fat loss, AND improved insulin levels.

Dr. Peter Hespel conducted a study at the University of Leuven in Belgium. A group of 27 men were required to eat a voluminous amount of food (30% more calories) and fat (50% more) than normal for a total of six weeks. Nine men did no exercise at all. Nine men exercised after breakfast. And the third group of nine men exercised first thing in the morning.

Results? The first group, who did not exercise, obviously packed on the pounds. An average of 6 pounds of fat to be exact. But that was not all that happened. They also developed insulin resistance. That’s when sugar (glucose) builds up in the blood. Which is the leading cause of diabetes by-the-way. And diabetes is the leading cause of blindness, limb amputations (hands, feet, arms, legs), and pancreatic cancer in people over 45 (which has a death rate of 90% within the first 11 months of being diagnosed).

The second group, who exercised after breakfast, averaged 3 pounds of weight gain and had some, but not as severe of insulin resistance as the first group.

The third group, who stuffed themselves like the first two groups, but exercised first thing in the morning, had amazing results. On average, they did not gain weight or fat. And more incredible than that, their insulin levels were normal, despite eating 50% more fat and 30% more calories. How did the excess calories get burned? It was discovered that the early morning exercise caused them to burn fat throughout the entire day, not just during exercise. It increased their metabolism, while the same amount of exercise after breakfast did not.

Now I have personally experienced this as well. Interestingly, I have done my own ‘double blind’ research with and without using Royal Velvet PURE during morning exercise as well. The results? My strength, stamina, endurance, muscle density, muscle size, fat loss, and flexibility all improved noticeably when using Royal Velvet PURE DURING my early morning (before breakfast) workout.

When I took the exact same amount at other times throughout the day, I had better results than NOT taking ANY Royal Velvet PURE, but not nearly the results I received taking Royal Velvet PURE WHILE working out first thing in the morning. I also tried taking copious amounts, double the suggested dosage, (3 sprays 7 to 10 times) during exercise and achieved even more dramatic results.

Periodically I gave a couple of bottles to some people in the gym (both men and women) and asked for their feedback. Same thing. Amazing results.

Why does this happen with everyone? Basically, your blood is circulating at a more efficient rate during exercise than when sedentary. This delivers Royal Velvet’s nutrient payload throughout your body more thoroughly. This is especially true with women and balancing their hormone levels, which is a major cause of obesity and other women’s “issues”.

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