Truth Or Consequences – Knowledge Or Guessing? 

Here are two questions you need to answer:

1) Would you rather know THE truth about a life and death issue, or be left in the dark?

2) Would you rather have THE solution to a life and death issue, or be sent down the road of disinformation?

EXAMPLE: If you have a Toyota, and it is not working, where do you take it?

The florist? The accountant? The seamstress? The plumber?

NO? WHY? They don’t have the knowledge how to fix a Toyota. Because they could only GUESS what was wrong with your car. They DO NOT HAVE THE INFORMATION OR EXPERIENCE OR TRAINING to fix your car.

Do you take it the Ford dealership? NO. WHY? Taking it to the manufacturer – the CREATOR – is your best bet. WHY? Because the designer, the creator has the best information on how your car works. Everyone else is SHORT on correct information, experience, and training on your Toyota. They could only guess what is wrong and how to properly fix it.

The same came be said with your health.

The reality is you have 7 internal environments that control your health. These 7 environments control what stages of health or disease you currently are in. They control your brain, every organ, every one of your 11 systems, and whether or not they are optimally functioning to completely malfunctioning and every condition in-between.

The Homeostasis Protocol is the ONLY resource in the world that details, explains, and shows you what the 7 internal environments are and how to bring each of them to their proper state – in homeostasis. Amazingly, homeostasis is the state in which God originally created the human body to be in. He created the human body as a blessing, not a curse. He is a good Creator. He knew what He was doing. He gave us (humans) the tools and the brains to keep it in this state.

But we do ‘things’ that get our bodies out of homeostasis. When the 7 internal environments begin to get out of whack, they cause pain, suffering, malfunctions, diseases, and even rapid aging.

So why would you take your body, when it is not working correctly to anyone but the Creator? Would you let a seamstress fix your car or a car mechanic fix your torn jacket? Of course not. So why are going to people who do not have the knowledge, the experience, or information on how to properly fix your body?

The Healthy Protocol, LLC has the truth of HOW the body works, what disease IS and ISN’T, and how to bring your body to divine health, or homeostasis.

The truth will set you free. Lies put you into bondage. You have a choice. What will it be, freedom or bondage?

You need to go to the source, those that have the truth on how your body works and functions and how it was created. Only The Homeostasis Protocol has that information.

Everyone else is just guessing.

By Blake Sawyer 

Blake Sawyer is a husband (30+ years), father (of 2 great kids, now adults), solutions-oriented author, podcaster, radio show host and God-fearing Christian. You can listen to his podcast (ESCAPE!) free of charge on iTunes or his radio show (We Are The Truth Seekers) on Rense Radio. You may find his solutions at and