You don’t have to fight for your fitness. There’s an easier way to maintain levels of performance throughout your exercise routine. Recover faster with Royal Velvet.

What it is

Royal Velvet is manufactured from deer antler velvet. When the New Zealand Red Deer grows out their antlers, they don’t keep them for life. Those antlers are shed and a new pair eventually grows in its place. This is an annual phenomenon in deer, and to support that kind of regular growth, deer antler velvet is incredibly rich in minerals, amino acids, nutrients and growth factors.

Learn the secret sports athletes already know about

Maybe you first heard about Royal Velvet early in 2013 when professional football player Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens alleged it played a critical role in his rapid recovery from a torn triceps muscle. P.G.A. golf champion Vijay Singh also said he used it to improve his tournament performances. What was this new wonder drug? Public interest was aroused, and Sports Illustrated rushed to investigate this “mysterious” substance to determine if illegal performance enhancing drugs were part of its storied properties.

The findings?

Deer antler velvet is not new, in fact, it has been around for centuries. Chinese medical practitioners have been prescribing it for over two thousand years, and within the last 40 years, it's extract has been put to the test in hundreds of laboratories and clinical trials. Scientists noted its countless benefits and even more, announced that its use by professional athletes did not violate World Anti-Doping Agency standards.

“But I already buy supplements for my workouts at the gym.”

Powders and energy boosting agents generate millions of dollars annually for gyms. Few people will tell you the truth about them. Protein powders have limited applications, they promote the growth of muscle mass because they provide the fundamental building blocks for muscle recovery; however, they do not contain the many growth factors that will increase the speed of recovery. Energy boosters do little to enhance your workout. These are nothing more slickly packaged doses of caffeine that eventually wear off, producing a crash effect with fatigue and exhaustion.

There’s a better way

When you exercise, chemical changes are triggered within your body. Your body converts molecules into energy and it also produces more red blood cells. This helps carry oxygen through the body. Royal Velvet contains pantocrin, a substance known to trigger more red blood cell formation.* Cells in the body now can get oxygen at a much faster rate, which improves endurance and stamina.

Exercise also causes your body to produce lactic acid, which can cause muscle aches and pains. Pantocrin helps remove lactic acid more efficiently, resulting in faster healing and reduced muscle fatigue.*

Now it’s your turn

Give your body the oxygen blast it needs. Recover faster with Royal Velvet, an essential tool to outperform and succeed.*

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