Consumers have more information about the nutritional content of foods they’re buying than ever before. It started with the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1905 and to this day the federal government has continually expanded upon this legislation with additional requirements.

Today, all product ingredients must be listed on labels, including trans fats, calories, carbohydrates and fiber content, to name but a few. We’re armed with tons of information to help us make better choices. So why is obesity in this country at an all-time high?

Fad Diets Don’t Work

Are you overweight and overwhelmed by food labels that don’t seem to make a difference? Have you ever tried the latest diet trend to lose weight? The raw foods diet, liquid cleanses, eliminating raw sugar. Do any of those diets do what they promise? And that’s not even the end of the list—there’s a never-ending supply of schemes to help you lose weight.

Not only are most of these diets dangerous, they’re prison sentences. They’re not real-world, sensible solutions to help you shed extra pounds once and for all.

The bottom line: There is no silver bullet solution for weight loss.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t hope. You need a common sense approach to weight loss. The absolute first steps you need to take are to start exercising and eating healthy foods.

And then ask yourself one basic question. Why do most diets fail?

Go to the Source of the Problem

The answer? Hunger.

Sensible weight loss means reducing portion size and eating healthier. But when you start eating less, your body starts to rebel. It was used to a lot more calories, so it’s going to let you know it’s detected a change.

It’s the stomach that complains first, and it does this by growling and rumbling at you. And once the stomach starts up, your brain quickly follows. You start to feel rundown, tired and cranky. And then your willpower evaporates, and no diet tricks in the world can fool any part of your body when you’re hungry and want to eat.

So Stop the Hunger

The solution to weight loss is very simple. Stop hunger pains. If you don’t feel hungry, you won’t have lapses in judgment and impulsively eat what’s in front of you. Royal Velvet will help.

It has been clinically proven to stop hunger pains.*

No Tricks or Gimmicks

Royal Velvet comes from deer antler velvet, a substance rich in nutrients and proteins. Deer antlers have a rapid growth cycle. In the spring, a new pair sprouts, and by the fall, they are naturally shed. The growth cycle then starts all over again. This extraordinary rate of growth requires lots of nutrients, protein and hormones to support new tissue.

Scientists have identified an assortment of natural agents in deer antler, including insulin-like growth factors, also known as IGF-1. The human body also has IGF-1. It’s what helps carry nutrients and energy to our essential organs. Taking extra doses of IGF-1 accelerates the process of distribution. Your organs and blood cells get the boost they need at a much faster rate. Since they’re getting what they need they signal their satisfaction. This means you experience no hunger pains. In fact, you feel energetic! And that’s all you need to reach your weight loss goals.

Eat less. End hunger pains. Lose weight. Try Royal Velvet today.

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