Protocol Text

The “Enlightened” Homeostasis Protocol

Purpose: To bring your physical body into a healthy, vibrant, powerful, illumined state that may, if you are prepared and ready, also uplift your soul and spirit to a higher level. Undeniably the most cost effective, quickest, and natural way to a dramatically healthier, empowered, and improved you.

How: By rapidly (in 90 days), naturally, and effectively moving your 7 internal environments towards homeostasis, (being in a properly balanced state.) That state of being in which your systems, organs, and even cells function optimally and harmful critters (parasites, worms, yeast, fungus, molds, viruses, bacteria, micoplasms…) become weakened and struggle to survive.

NOTE: The only other way to change your body this radically takes 3 to 4 years of eating ONLY 100% organic and raw vegetables along with major lifestyle changes, which is nearly impossible for most people to accomplish.

Benefits: Will dramatically increase your vitality, health, and vibrational frequency.

You will notice a remarkable difference as your body and mind transform to a higher level. What is the proof that this DOES work? Thousands and thousands of people have testified to the remarkable changes. Most were dying or had what doctors called “incurable diseases”. We will let a collection of words that our clients have used to describe their transformation after only 90 days on The Homeostasis Protocol inform you of what benefits they received. These are real statements made by real people, just like you:

Brain: Improved mental clarity, creativity, memory, brilliance, intelligence, self-control, joy, sensitivity, wit, awareness, and skillfulness. Improved sleep, needing less sleep. Handle stress better. Sense of well-being.

Physical: Increased strength, stamina, endurance; toned physique; smoother skin; reversed aging; thicker, more natural colored hair, less grey; naturally healthy; muscular; trim; youthful; improved athleticism and hand-eye coordination; aches and pains diminished; hormonal balancing; improved hearing, eyesight; increased libido and more satisfying love making; fewer wrinkles, smoother skin; illnesses/ailments/problems went away;

Spiritual: Increased discernment, vision, intuition, faith, trustworthiness, and honesty. Being more honorable, charitable, and much less deceived. Awakened and drawn to truth.

Financial: Huge monthly savings by eliminating most other supplements; eating noticeably less food (because you are nutrifying your body more effectively); needing fewer, if any, OTCs or prescription drugs; considerably fewer cravings for nicotine, junk food, caffeine, drugs, sugar, etc.; and a reduced need for expensive medical tests, products, visits, procedures, aids… means a lot more money every month in your pocket.

Basic Info: Over the past 15 years, 90% of the Protocols we prepared for our clients sold for $5,000. These are The Protocols personally put together by Mr. Sawyer after an intensive interview with the client. Due to time constraints and his extremely busy schedule, we have added three more Protocols in order to accommodate all the people who want to bring their bodies to homeostasis, now, not later.

CHOICE: There are 4 different Protocols available. All of them include a water ionizer that will last 15 years on average. NOTE: There is NO better water ionizer on the market today for the money, the benefits, the quality, the service, or warranty.

NOTE: All four Protocols are priced at approximately 35% (slightly more or less) OFF the retail price of all the products. This is a substantial reduction in price (nearly $1,000 or more off each Protocol) and very near our costs, due to the fact that the supplement companies we deal with only manufacture organic, truly natural, high quality, nutrient dense food supplements that are the most effective products in the world. We receive 40% off the retail price, and therefore with all the overhead of putting these Protocols together, we are virtually selling them at near cost (since you are getting 35% off retail.)

Why would we do such a thing? Because of government rules and regulations, we are not able to advertise the benefits of The Protocols.  (No natural food product that cures, treats, or prevents ANY disease can be advertised as such. It is ILLEGAL to do so in the USA.) Therefore, when our clients experience DRAMATIC transformation of their lives, THEY become walking billboards to their friends, relatives, and co-workers, showing that you CAN live in divine health (homeostasis). This is how we get most of our new clients, as referrals. We want you to be our next walking billboard!

The Foundational Protocol includes the 4 main, most important, and life-changing  products that represent approximately 70% to 75% of the things you need to do to rapidly move your body toward homeostasis. Note: The remaining 20 or so things you can do only represent around 25% of what will bring your body to homeostasis through the transformational process. These 4 products are not only super-powerful but they are FOUNDATIONAL. Meaning without doing them, the other things you do will not work or be much less effective.  Of course, Mr. Sawyer’s book, The Homeostasis Protocol, gives you key insights to this information as well as explaining the things you can do that cost nothing (like how to breathe, what to eat and not eat, hydrotherapy, best forms of exercise, etc.) Therefore, you need to read and reread The Homeostasis Protocol.


The Couples Foundational Protocol is the above Protocol, (The Foundational Protocol), but for two people. This is ideal for a married couple, or two people living together.


The Basic Personalized Protocol includes all the things in the Foundational Protocol, but also includes at least an additional $440 (retail) of health products personally chosen by Mr. Sawyer based upon a short questionnaire that you fill out and send to us. For example, if you have blood sugar issues, products will be added to help rapidly balance and repair the pancreas and insulin receptor sites throughout your body. Should you have cardiovascular issues or digestion problems, powerful all-natural nutrient-dense products will be added to your Protocol that address these problems. NOTE: All of the products we use in our Protocols are either reparative or helpful in some major way, working WITH your body and bodily functions. They are NOT drugs, drug-like, cause harmful side effects, simply “mask” or hide symptoms, or are addictive.


The Personal Ultimate Homeostasis Protocol is $5,000 and can ONLY be purchased AFTER a personal consultation with Mr. Sawyer (over the phone.) You MUST call to set up an appointment for this Protocol. NOTE: Not everyone who requests an appointment is able to receive an appointment. There are varying factors that determine this decision. Please call our main corporate phone number should you want more information about this Protocol.