• April 3, 2014

    If you are a cat person, you already know that cats can be masters of secrecy, watching the world from a favorite perch, ready to pounce in an instant.  The very nature of a cat suggests speed, stealth, grace, and agility.  But what happens when your cat isn't as agile and stealthy as it once was?  Could purported behavioral problems like fighting or missing the litter-box actually be attributed to stiff or painful joints?  Absolutely.  And because cats are such secretive creatures, you may not even realize there's a problem.  Cats, especially those in multi-cat households, will hide an injury whenever possible.  This means that cat joint health...

  • March 25, 2014

    It can be heartbreaking for a pet owner who has to watch their aging pet deteriorate.  Dogs in particular are prone to muscle stiffness and joint inflammation as they age.  This can cause limited mobility for your dog, which can lead to weight gain, heart problems, and depression.  Joint issues can also be physically painful for your pet.  While joint and muscle issues may be treated after they've begun, it's infinitely more effective to bolster dog joint health before there's a problem.           

    In common parlance, a joint refers to the cartilage between the bones as well as the supporting tendons and ligaments, which...

  • March 17, 2014

    If you're a pet owner, you know that keeping your pet healthy can be something of a guessing game.  Animal instinct often leads animals like dogs and cats to hide signs of injury or illness, so as not to appear weak in front of predators.  This can leave pet owners in the dark about health problems like colds, vitamin deficiencies, digestion problems, or minor injuries invisible to the untrained eye.  There are so many pet health products on the market that it can be daunting to decide whether to purchase health supplements for your beloved pets. Not sure where to begin?

    Let's start by taking the mystery out of pet health products...

  • November 22, 2013
    Dangers pets face over the holidays. Tips to keep your pets safe. A list of foods your pet can and cannot eat.

    The Holiday season is almost officially upon us. Sure, it can be stressful making preparations involving the food, the family, and the shopping.  Here’s a reminder not to overlook that certain someone special: your pets.

    The Under the Table Pet

    Are you guilty of feeding your pets under the table during mealtimes? Sometimes it’s hard not to do. When they sit patiently under the table and then look up at you with their big eyes, it’s tempting to want to give them a little scrap left over from your plate.  We don’t just do this with our dogs, for many cat owners, this...

  • October 23, 2013
    335491311_34772c18fc_o Cat

    Cats are amazing animals. There’s a reason they have a legendary reputation for having 9 lives. Naturally swift and flexible, cats can survive harrowing falls and near fatal mishaps. In fact, veterinarians have reported multiple instances where cats survived falls from buildings anywhere between seven to 32 stories in height.

    Compared to other pets, cats are also known for their longevity. They live an average of up to 15 years of age, and it’s possible for some to live even longer, possibly to the age of 20!


  • September 27, 2013

    Americans will spend over 55 million dollars on their pets by the end of 2013. That number is nearly double what was spent less than ten years ago. There’s no doubt about it, we love our pets! Unfortunately, those numbers are somewhat deceiving. We’re spending more on gourmet treats and squeaky toys, but we’re also paying more due to the soaring cost of vet care.

    Did you notice?

    Our pets require all sorts of attention. In addition to grooming and trimming their nails, we need to regularly clean their teeth and keep them free of ticks, heart worms and fleas. But while you were doing all that did you notice your pet’s changing...