Thank you, thank you for helping me get my life back.  In 1999 I had bacterial meningitus, infection of the brain, and I lost my left hearing because of the bacteria.  As result, I suffered from dizziness, fatigue, constant ringing in the ear, and migraine headaches 24/7.  It has been an up hill battle for the past 13 year.  Since October 2011, the problems got really worse and I'm only 42. I felt like dying and losing my mind because I was having hard time breathing, my head was dizzy, I struggled for oxygen, I had short term memory problem and I couldn't perform daily task well.  It was a horrible feeling and I know there must be a better way.

I heard about Royal Velvet from Kevin Trudeau and it changed my life.  I feel a lot less dizzy and I have energy that last the entire day, where before, I would get very tired through out the day.  I don't have constant migraine headaches like before and the ringing in the ear is less noticeable.  My memory has improved dramatically and so is the recall and retention.  I feel alert and wide awake in the morning and even gain an extra 1-3 hours each day.  Basically, I feel alive and healthy again.  It's incredible, I love it!

Thank you very much.

Allan Angkham