Royal Velvet has done all that I was unable to do with products I have been trying, since 1985, to improve my immune system (and trying to get rid of the cellulite too). The arthritis pain that caused me to almost be wheelchair bound in the late 1980’s has completely gone away while using the Royal Velvet! Other supplements and major dietary changes had barely kept me going, through all these years of struggle. But none had restored the youthfulness that Royal Velvet is doing to my figure, my skin’s elasticity, and the bright glow in my eyes which I lost in my early 20’s. I will be turning 48 soon, and my stamina is ten times what it was in my 30’s when I dragged myself though my work schedule. I was so sickly in the late 80’s that a registered nurse said that I shouldn’t be alive because I was so toxic. Royal Velvet is doing what all those treatments tried to do, pulling out the toxins that block every part of the body, creating health problems. I’ve suffered with sensitive skin and ultimately skin eruptions from too much yeast in my system all my life. As the cellulite is flushed out, the skin is healing and less sensitive. The Royal Velvet helps give balance to my body and keeps my back aligned. I have put many athletes on Royal Velvet, and within weeks many report the ‘love handles’ just go away! After 2 months on Royal Velvet, an athlete in his 30’s returned to play ball in my town and he looked 10 years younger! My girlfriend couldn’t recognize him from their first meeting in years. If any product could be deemed the fountain of youth, this is it! God bless you and God Bless Royal Velvet! Thank you.