I just wanted to write a note to thank you and share my results from my first bottle of Royal Velvet.

I must first say that I am quite a skeptic when it comes to health products....I have just tried so many things that had been touted to help, only to find that they really didn't make much difference or if they did, the benefits were not lasting. 

But, right away, I had a good feeling about Royal Velvet and I am happy to say I have only been AMAZED and GRATEFUL for all the wonderful benefits I have noticed in the two weeks of use.

I am going through menopause which means my sleep has been horrible, mood unstable, weight rising, all the "wonderful" things that go along with this time of life. 

But, within the first day of using RV, I SLEPT!!!!!  And it was not just sleep, but wonderfully deep sleep that I had not had since my teens and twenties!  I had forgotten what that kind of sleep felt like!

My hot flashes, although not completely gone, became much more manageable right away, as well.

And lastly, I got happy!!  I didn't think of myself as an unhappy person before, but honestly, taking RV really did seem to be peeling back the years so that I felt strong, vigorous and full of energy to take on life again, in a way that had become a distant memory.  This has been such a gift....I feel like I am getting my life back!

At 52, I still have a lot I want to accomplish, and with RV, I feel like I have the nutritional support I need, at LAST, to carry forward with life in a bright, energetic way.  My cells are happy -- I can truly feel that level of difference!

Thank you so much for making this wonderful product available.  I am signing up for auto-ship, happily -- I look forward to getting my 25 year old son on the product as well -- halting the aging process before it has a chance to catch up with him!

Thank you so so much again!!!


Bonnie Van Stone