Although I considered myself "healthy", at 62, I was feeling more than a little "out of whack". My liver was also probably a little overworked from too much Jack Daniels the preceding 7-8 years --  and my pancreas was most certainly stressed from a diet of too much starchy vegetables & sugary stuff..(breads, coke in the Jack, fries…)

As a "road warrior" I was living a lot in hotels and subsisting on restaurant food. 

And I had tried 2 competitors Deer Antler with no effect.

When I first ordered Royal Velvet in June, I decided to take the amount you suggested. In two months I lost weight and felt somewhat better. It's now been 5 months on Royal Velvet.

Upon returning home a few weeks ago people are remarking that I have really lost weight.  I have "energy" to spare for the first time in years! When I look in the mirror I see a younger person.

After only 5 months on a minimum dose of Royal Velvet whatever I "had" is gone! I can feel it -- especially once I upped the dosage. Thankfully I got your printed newsletter while I still had 3 bottles left, because after I took your advice

and upped the dose -- "magic" happened! (all in only a week!)

Blake -- I probably was very sick before I started on Royal Velvet...probably so sick that a "doctor" would have labeled it and put me on drugs to "help" me..., which in MY opinion would have led to disastrous results.

On top of all this I've now lost my appetite for booze.

Thanks again!

To your Health, Wealth & Longevity!

Charles Johnston