WOW….I am 62 and feeling and looking younger than I have in a very long time since taking Royal Velvet.  I went through menopause over 12 years ago and moved from wearing a size 6 to size 10/12.  No matter how much I would diet (or try some new way to lose weight), I would only lose a few pounds and then gain them back …or even gain a few extra pounds.    I was completely frustrated, felt old, tired and somewhat depressed by it all.

Within a few months of taking Royal Velvet I begin to lose weight and more amazingly my body began to change its shape.  Every month my waist became smaller and I started to look and feel more like I did 20 years earlier (even better in some ways).  My clothes began to get baggy.  I decided I go shopping to see what size I actually was. To my amazement I ended up buying a size 4 jean.  I was thrilled.

Now that I am feeling more energetic and positive I am even motivated to begin to exercise some.  I can only say that I feel like a “New” and improved woman excited to see how I will continue to improve all areas of my life.  Thank you Royal Velvet for changing my life.  No plastic surgery for me….Royal Velvet is a natural, cheaper, safer and healthier solution helping me in all areas of my body for total health!!!

Danielle Marie

Cary, NC