I have been using Royal Velvet for about 3 years to deal with fatigue, pain, and digestion issues. I followed my naturopathic doctor's advice who said your products contained all the calcium and iron I needed and were more absorbable by the body than other products.  Within the first year, for the first time in my life, the calcium and iron levels were normal.

Two years ago, at 39 years old, I got a bone density scan that scored at 71.  I had osteopenia.  This year I redid the scan and scored at 84, borderline normal.  That is an amazing 13 point jump in only 2 years!  At my age I am supposed to be losing bone density, not gaining it! The muscle and joint pain is so much better than before.  Subjectively "I feel great", but what is really great is the doctor's tests that tell there is a real change going on within my body, causing me to feel as great as I am.

Thanks for all your help, Blake, and keep sharing this much needed information!

Elizabeth Nelson