I have been using your products since August of last year, and have noticed changes in energy levels, mental clarity etc.

However I put my health to the test on December 10th when I was sitting in a boardroom with my co-workers and a car came through the window and landed on top of all of us.  One of my co-workers died and 3 of us were seriously injured, I was trapped underneath for an hour before they could finally get me out.  My injuries were numerous from a broken collarbone, missing teeth and huge lacerations to my face and arms.

That’s a pretty hard blow for a 27 year old with a history of modeling.  Well the doctors have described my recovery as miraculous, my bones have healed, my scars are fading, and with a little make-up you can't tell anything happened.  My mouth has even healed enough that they can begin the process of implanting new teeth 3 months ahead of when they thought.  I thank you for continuing to offer us the life saving products that we rely on and believe in.