This is Henri STETTER in Steamboat Springs Colorado.

I was born in Switzerland and spent most of my life in Asia. My wife Georgiana (whom I met in Taiwan) and I have lived and worked in Asia for 25 years. She and I have four languages in common.

About 10 years ago, we decided to make a complete change in our lives....the pace of work in Asia, the 16 hour days and the stress were beginning to really take a toll on our health.

We found a small ranch here in The Rockies, packed our dogs and horses and made the move. We are both very found of outdoor exercise, we bike in Summer, take long snowshoe hikes in Winter, go to the gym, exercise and eat healthily (we have been vegetarian for over 10 years).

In the course of the past 18 months or so, at the age of 57, I started noticing some worrying changes in my health:

  • I felt less energetic
  • I started to be somewhat anxious or worried
  • I had less stamina
  • my libido was really decreasing

I have taken various supplements, vitamins and minerals for years, but nothing seemed to help in any way.

Just a few weeks ago, by chance, I read about Royal Velvet in a book from our local library here.  Having lived in Asia for so long, I had of course heard about and seen "deer antler" products in the Chinese drugstores... I therefore decided to give it a try.

In total honesty, I could not believe the improvements that I felt within 4 to 5 days after taking Royal Velvet:

  • I felt much more energy
  • my stamina improved
  • my natural, sunny and positive disposition came back

... it has only been 8 days since I started taking Royal Velvet and the changes are already very measurable, quantifiable and positive.

I have just placed my second order for Royal Velvet, in order to make sure that I have sufficient supplies for a 6 week trip that Georgiana and I are undertaking, around the world in a month.

Life is good and I wish you all Happiness.

Henri  E.  STETTER