I am so grateful for the blessing of Royal Velvet to support my health and longevity.  I have been using it for several years and will continue to order it on monthly autoship for the remainder of my long life.  This incredible supplement has created amazing results, the most amazing of all is that I was able to avoid major surgery due to a large abdominal cyst.

Before I relate the impact of this supplement on the cyst, let me state that I am 85 years young. Yes, I feel young and vibrant, full of energy as I work until late each night on several art and writing projects simultaneously.  I will be recognized in July 2013 at a convention of over 100,000 people in San Diego, California, as the creator of THE FIRST KINGDOM, a 1,048 page fully illustrated graphic novel to be published in four volumes. A major British publisher will publish volume One in July.  This work is known as the first adult graphic novel and now the bookstores have large sections devoted to this genre.  It took 13 years to complete the first 768 pages and in the past two years I completed the remaining 250 pages of the epic --

My mind is as sharp as ever, my attention to detail in writing, penciling, and inking the artwork is extraordinary.  My energy level is unmatched by many friends much younger in years.  I have the stamina to travel on a book tour this year sponsored by my publisher.   I am often told I look 20 or 30 years younger than my age, and with sadness I note that many of my peers, even those far younger, are no longer living.  People who meet me often ask, “What are you doing to look and feel so young ?”

Now for the most amazing story about Royal Velvet ~ for without this incredible result, looking and feeling younger would have simply been a moot point.  My body always has been lean and muscular and I had eaten very healthy foods & lived a healthy lifestyle during my life prior to developing a football size cyst in my abdomen.  It was a major mystery why the cyst appeared to create this serious condition.  My understanding is that cysts are fluid-filled sacs that collect toxins, thus protecting the body.  Several doctors gave their opinions that the only option was to cut open my chest, from below my heart to below my abdominal area and puncture the cyst, to deflate and remove it, since it was crowding major organs.

I refused to participate in surgery or hospitalization since I was able to more or less function in my life, although of course it was extremely painful when I moved.  The doctors said it would only be a matter of time before it must be removed with surgery.  I wanted to try alternative approaches and used many herbs and supplements over the next years, to no avail.  But somehow I was able to carry on with my life in this uncomfortable way, always with the pressure of impending surgery hanging like a cloud over my life.

Now to share with you the miracle of Royal Velvet.  This supplement goes to the area of greatest need first, it seems.   The growth factors were responsible for the gradual disappearance of the cyst over a period of six weeks.  It simply disappeared and remains gone so long as I take Royal Velvet.  At one time I was without the product for a period of two weeks and the cyst returned, again the size of a football.  When I received my shipment and resumed the sprays, the cyst disappeared within a week.  Believe me, I will never again run out of this product.

As you can see in the photos below, all taken February 18, 2012, my abdomen is as lean and healthy as the rest of my body.  And this is my natural hair color.  If I stop for even 2-3 days, I find that my ankles swell up, my stomach starts getting larger, and I become fatigued.  So I’m very conscientious about taking the 3 sprays, 3-4 times daily -- without exception!      

I attribute my high energy and stamina in all aspects of my life, my excellent heart, hearing and vision, smooth youthful skin and firm muscles, and many other benefits to this extraordinary Royal Velvet supplement.  I still walk about 3 miles daily, live independently, and rarely do I have a flu or cold (perhaps once a year at most).  I do not take any prescription medications.   I still teach art classes for groups and private students.

I don’t even think about my age except with amazement at how well I’m feeling and how productive I will be for many more years to come.   Such an easy and affordable way to gain extra high quality years to my life!   I give thanks daily to those who are involved in Royal Velvet’s production and I am reminded of my gratitude with each spray I take.

Jack Katz