• Hey I love Royal Velvet, it helps me with weight loss, energy, fat burner… it just too hard to explain all that it has done for me.

    Troy Lopaka Abraham

  • I had gotten your product about two days ago, and I do like it a lot.  I've of course, noticed a dramatic difference in my energy levels and rest upon taking it. I have been a light sleeper lately, so this is a blessing..

    I have noticed a dramatic difference in that my stomach had gotten flatter--which is great! I never thought my stomach was much an area of concern, though I'm glad it got better.

    Ash Fish

  • I feel great, have lost 22 pounds and am in better physical condition than in the last 30 years.  Thank you for helping me in this journey! I love Royal Velvet!


  • I have been meaning to email you with another update. I've been doing pretty good. My energy and stamina are both up, my bladder control seems to be steadily getting better, and I've lost about forty pounds. My legs have gotten stronger. Overall I'm feeling pretty good and I think I'm definitely heading in the right direction. I will never be without Royal Velvet.

    Chad Hyde

  • I am very excited, because of the effects Royal Velvet has had on me personally. When I regularly use Royal Velvet, I sleep very deeply and get excellent rest. I awake clear-headed and my mental clarity during the day is very invigorating! Along with deep sleep and mental clarity, I also have an increase in energy and libido, which is great because of my busy schedule and many responsibilities, working 50+ hours a week, 7 days a week. I have also noticed my hair and nails grow much faster and are very strong and healthy. My appetite has diminished, and it is great to imagine my cells getting all the nutrients they need!

    I shared Royal Velvet with my girlfriend, a nursing student, and Blake's philosophy and science convinced her as well. We are both Truth Seekers. Some of the benefits my girlfriend had besides the ones I had, are she bruises easily so Royal Velvet helped with that, but she also had nerve damage on her tendon near her ankle, causing her toes to get no circulation and be a vivid purple. Since taking Royal Velvet, circulation has returned and her cute little toes are a healthy flesh color! Much thanks and the blessings of God to Blake and his exceptional company-may he always have the courage to share the wisdom and insight that sets him apart.

    Take care and God bless,

    Kevin Duvall

  • My brother has been telling me about Royal Velvet for a year now. He gave me a bottle to try a few weeks ago. I had been in treatment for a rotator cuff tear and a torn ligament in my wrist. As a former firefighter and 'type A' person, I am no stranger to physical injuries.

    I am 62 years old and figured that my rehab from these injuries would be long and uncomfortable due to my age. My recovery from these injuries has been amazingly rapid. The only thing I have done different is using Royal Velvet for the past two weeks.

    I do feel much healthier overall, aches and pains are reduced, blood pressure is down, appetite is better, I'm not overeating and may be losing a few pounds as a bonus. The libido seems to have gotten a boost also.


    Phillip A Russo

    Cape Coral, Florida

  • I have a beautiful wife and 2 daughters. Royal Velvet has changed my life! I’ve been using it for a week, and already I can feel the results. I’m a soccer player and work 6 days out of the week. I feel more energy, my immune system is through the roof. I feel healthy. I notice at my games I feel more stronger. I don't get tired and I feel great! My sex life is great. My wife had a sore throat and she took a couple sprays. The following day it was gone! We love it.

    Thanks Royal Velvet.

    Gabriel Herrera Jr.

    Riverside, California

  • I was introduced to Royal Velvet by a friend of mine.  I'm 46.  He thought that I would get lots of benefits out of it because of my age. He Was Right! 

    I lost 15 pounds of fat in 3 months, my muscle tone was back to what it was 10 years ago, I started sleeping better the first week, my dreams increased, I had more energy during the day, my mental clarity improved, my depression disappeared, the intimacy between my wife and I improved, even my eye sight improved!!!  Now I'm on the "auto ship" program, and couldn't be happier!  You have EXCELLENT Customer Service.    

    All I can say now is "Thank You".  You have a wonderful product!!!  

    Daniel Bloem

  • My name is David from Orlando. I started taking Royal Velvet  and over the last 10 months I have experienced more muscle mass more easily (working out) and have lost at least 60% of my grey hair.

    The main reason I am writing this is that in August I fell 26 feet and although I did break my wrist, forearm and fractured my pelvis, I should have been injured much, much worse. I am actually thankful that I am alive and not paralyzed. Because of this incident I discovered that my bone mass density was that of a much younger man. It is my belief that Royal Velvet had helped my body  build up my bones.

    I love this product and so do a few friends of mine.

    David Pipkin

  • The first time I purchased Royal Velvet, I bought 3 bottles for my wife and 3 bottles for myself . I started using my first bottle right away. One day after about 2 weeks of using Royal Velvet, my wife and I were sitting in our living room on the side next to our living room window (we have a picture window the height and width of one wall) when she noticed a change in my hair color . She asked what I had done to it and remarked that my hair color was a darker brown than normal, a little less gray and  that my gray was shinier.


    Craig Pagones

    Bellmore, NY

  • I just wanted to tell you guys that I have been experiencing amazing results with the product Royal Velvet. It has given me better rest at night. I have a normal appetite and my friends and family tell me that I have lost weight.

    I even started to grow small patches of hair on top of my head!

    I no longer need to use asthma medicine, been off that for about a year. My thinking is more clear and libido has got stronger along with a general feeling of goodness and no drastic changes in mood and generally I am more calm.

    I wake early in the morning, sometimes before everyone else and I am able to do more work in the day and can get more done. I can read books like crazy, as I was never able to do that before.

    Tim Rousan

  • I am so grateful for the blessing of Royal Velvet to support my health and longevity.  I have been using it for several years and will continue to order it on monthly autoship for the remainder of my long life.  This incredible supplement has created amazing results, the most amazing of all is that I was able to avoid major surgery due to a large abdominal cyst.

    Before I relate the impact of this supplement on the cyst, let me state that I am 85 years young. Yes, I feel young and vibrant, full of energy as I work until late each night on several art and writing projects simultaneously.  I will be recognized in July 2013 at a convention of over 100,000 people in San Diego, California, as the creator of THE FIRST KINGDOM, a 1,048 page fully illustrated graphic novel to be published in four volumes. A major British publisher will publish volume One in July.  This work is known as the first adult graphic novel and now the bookstores have large sections devoted to this genre.  It took 13 years to complete the first 768 pages and in the past two years I completed the remaining 250 pages of the epic --

    My mind is as sharp as ever, my attention to detail in writing, penciling, and inking the artwork is extraordinary.  My energy level is unmatched by many friends much younger in years.  I have the stamina to travel on a book tour this year sponsored by my publisher.   I am often told I look 20 or 30 years younger than my age, and with sadness I note that many of my peers, even those far younger, are no longer living.  People who meet me often ask, “What are you doing to look and feel so young ?”

    Now for the most amazing story about Royal Velvet ~ for without this incredible result, looking and feeling younger would have simply been a moot point.  My body always has been lean and muscular and I had eaten very healthy foods & lived a healthy lifestyle during my life prior to developing a football size cyst in my abdomen.  It was a major mystery why the cyst appeared to create this serious condition.  My understanding is that cysts are fluid-filled sacs that collect toxins, thus protecting the body.  Several doctors gave their opinions that the only option was to cut open my chest, from below my heart to below my abdominal area and puncture the cyst, to deflate and remove it, since it was crowding major organs.

    I refused to participate in surgery or hospitalization since I was able to more or less function in my life, although of course it was extremely painful when I moved.  The doctors said it would only be a matter of time before it must be removed with surgery.  I wanted to try alternative approaches and used many herbs and supplements over the next years, to no avail.  But somehow I was able to carry on with my life in this uncomfortable way, always with the pressure of impending surgery hanging like a cloud over my life.

    Now to share with you the miracle of Royal Velvet.  This supplement goes to the area of greatest need first, it seems.   The growth factors were responsible for the gradual disappearance of the cyst over a period of six weeks.  It simply disappeared and remains gone so long as I take Royal Velvet.  At one time I was without the product for a period of two weeks and the cyst returned, again the size of a football.  When I received my shipment and resumed the sprays, the cyst disappeared within a week.  Believe me, I will never again run out of this product.

    As you can see in the photos below, all taken February 18, 2012, my abdomen is as lean and healthy as the rest of my body.  And this is my natural hair color.  If I stop for even 2-3 days, I find that my ankles swell up, my stomach starts getting larger, and I become fatigued.  So I’m very conscientious about taking the 3 sprays, 3-4 times daily -- without exception!      

    I attribute my high energy and stamina in all aspects of my life, my excellent heart, hearing and vision, smooth youthful skin and firm muscles, and many other benefits to this extraordinary Royal Velvet supplement.  I still walk about 3 miles daily, live independently, and rarely do I have a flu or cold (perhaps once a year at most).  I do not take any prescription medications.   I still teach art classes for groups and private students.

    I don’t even think about my age except with amazement at how well I’m feeling and how productive I will be for many more years to come.   Such an easy and affordable way to gain extra high quality years to my life!   I give thanks daily to those who are involved in Royal Velvet’s production and I am reminded of my gratitude with each spray I take.

    Jack Katz

  • My name is Michael WiIliams. I work in a school system and teach kids who are having problems with basic Math.  Last year I started having problems remembering things.  I could not recall things I just got through talking to someone about.  For example: I am up in front of the class explaining a Math problem and I forget what I was talking to the kids about.  Sometime the kids correct my mistake and start laughing.

    I knew then something was wrong with me. So I went online and discovered Royal Velvet. I decided to purchased one bottle of Royal Velvet just see if it will work for my memory.

    I really forgot about why I purchased this product but I put it on my desk at work and use it every day.

    Things started to change. I start remembering all my Math problems and my mind was a lot clearer and I felt a lot better every morning when I got up.  I used to walk slowly down the hallways at school and now I am walking very fast.  I have more energy than I have ever had in the last 15 years.  I feel like I am in my 30’s again. This Royal Velvet really works for me.  I recommend this product very highly. 

    Michael Williams

  • This is my second round of using Royal Velvet. I had been using it and found that I felt and acted 15 years younger than I am (66 years). I play tennis and I was playing favorably with people 15 years younger than me. So I thought I would see if Royal Velvet was responsible. After a few months off the product, the results were obvious. My fitness and skill levels had receded and I was feeling old.

    Now I am back using Royal Velvet and feeling much better (younger). I highly recommend Royal Velvet to everyone who doesn’t want to age. You will not be disappointed with the results.

    Jules Cayer

  • I would like thank the folks at the healthy protocol for selling me what has turned out to be an amazing product for my health's benefit.

    Royal Velvet in just my first day of usage helped my vision and my mental clarity. It worked on my wife the first day also.

    I have been using other supplements for sleep issues and for anxiety, that I no longer need after just 2 days of using Royal Velvet. I now get in a deep sleep, quality sleep like years ago, every night. I am a former athlete in power lifting and still have a tremendous amount of muscle mass at age 56.

    I still remain very active, but have lost a great deal of my energy level due to age, however, with Royal Velvet use in just one week my energy level and muscles feel 20 years younger. I have suffered from heartburn for over 30 years and have needed the use of an allergy OTC medicine for the same time period also, but in just one week, no longer have need of either.

    I have had a slightly high diastolic reading (90-95) for the past 5 years, but now my reading is at 85 in just one week. 

    I believe that my body is actually going through a healing process at this time because of Royal Velvet.


    Ron Davis   

  • Hey Blake,

    Thanks my friend for being who you are and for the awesome work your doing!

     I have been taking the Royal Velvet  4 to 5 times a day (little over a month now) ...... I love the way it makes me feel...   I am 63 yrs old .... BUT I feel like I am still in my 30's!    I am so Active and Alive!

    Thx and be Blessed!

    Robert Oberdier

  • I need to inform you of how great I feel since I started taking Royal Velvet. I'm 53 and I feel like I'm 20 again, no joke! I retired from law enforcement. I started taking Royal Velvet about 2 1/2 weeks ago and after 2 or 3 days I couldn't believe the difference in all aspects of my life. My strength in the weight room is better all ready along with my workouts on the treadmill.

    I also play guitar and I can't believe the songs I can play now. Songs that in the past I would never have attempted. My hand and eye coordination vastly improved and it seems to be getting better every day like everything else in my life. My concentration is like its never been, my mind is sharp as I razor.  My general mood is, I cant even put in words. I feel just awesome! My libido has picked WAY up.  This is the way life is supposed to be. This is the quality of life at its best! I don't want to preach to people but this stuff is the real deal! I'm trying to get everyone in my life to try Royal Velvet PURE. Life Is Great! 

    Thank you so much, 

    Frank Rose

  • I am 54 yrs. old and have been using Royal Velvet for about 2 years.  Who isn't looking for the fountain of youth…Right?   For me  the area of concern was my lack of energy,  undesirable weight gain, and being pre-menopausal.

    Almost immediately I noticed a wonderful improvement in my energy level. I am a chauffeur and staying awake was becoming a challenge. I was very excited and relieved that all it took to correct that issue was using Royal Velvet!!

    After about a year I was able to loose 18 lbs and I have kept it off.

    Of course the night sweats and hot flashes were beginning and I am determined to go thru this experience with no drugs!!!   So when these symptoms began I increased the amount of sprays to 5 times a day and I am pleased to announce that I no longer have night sweats or hot flashes!!!!

    Another thing I would like to add but unfortunately I don't have the pictures to prove it is that 2 years ago I went on a cruise and had the ship photographer take my picture.  The next day I went to look for them expecting to purchase them and was extremely disappointed with how they looked.  The lines and wrinkles around my eyes were so unattractive that for the first time I did not purchase pictures. In fact I was disgusted on how old I was looking.  Then about 2 months ago I went on another cruise and again had the ship photographer take my picture.   Apprehensively I searched for them remembering my experience 2 yrs. prior and found them.  I was pleasantly surprised on how lovely the pictures turned out that I purchased 4 prints.  My skin and the lines and wrinkles around my eyes were diminished!! 

    I am so grateful that Royal Velvet helped me to achieve these results in a safe and natural way without the use of drugs or surgery.   My autoship has been money worth spent!!!!!

    Thank-you very much!!!

    Annette Kazmerzak

    Denver, CO

  • I have benefited from taking Royal Velvet daily for several years. I will never be without it for the remainder of my life.  I have experienced what I consider to be reversed aging. It was incredible to feel immediate changes in my body in so many ways.  I felt I received a new chance in life, a fresh start with a healthy body and feelings of hope and excitement.  This in turn led to major life changes coming forth knowing that I would have many more decades to come.

    I will say here that I am 65.  Normally, I have a policy of not revealing my actual age because I look at least 10 years younger and feel better than I did in my 30’s.  I truly don’t think in terms of my age, since I think, feel, and move younger than many people I know in my age bracket.  If someone asks my age, I say I’m getting younger every day.  They then guess my age and typically its 10-15 years younger.

    Within one day of starting the spray, my life-long insomnia disappeared, and since then I go to sleep quickly, have a great sleep state for fewer hours, and then awake energized and ready to go! Something I have dreamed about obtaining all my life!  This was a major and significant improvement to my quality of life.

    Within three weeks, my year-long severe menopausal symptoms disappeared.  I was particularly ecstatic about no longer having uncomfortable hot flashes and mood swings. 

    My hair color is my natural color, it is healthy and full-bodied.  My skin has been described as “baby soft” and very firm.  My ability to breathe was significantly improved. I was able to climb hills that I had formerly avoided, take longer walks without tiring, and participate in a more active outdoor life.  My metabolism and libido improved.

    Remarkably, my vision improved significantly. I began to not be able to see from my former glasses.  It turns out, they were 3 times stronger than I now need.  It was a delightful surprise to be seeing clear details without glasses.

    There are many other benefits that I noticed with Royal Velvet.  I have found that additional ones appear over time. The spray goes to the area of greatest need first (for me, insomnia and eliminating my menopausal symptoms) and then gradual changes at the cellular level occur.  It is truly exciting to find each new benefit, always a surprise.  I am grateful beyond words to have discovered this wonderful incredible product, it has given me a new lease on life.

    Caroline Gold


  • My name is Cody Hoagland I am 34 years old, I live in Payson, Utah.

    I am a wildlife photographer. I spend most of my time in the mountains searching for bears, wolves and other wildlife. Before I started taking Royal Velvet, I had a hard time being active, getting the energy to do my job.

    I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, and on top of that, had low testosterone levels. I simply had no energy. I was on pills that only made me sicker, and I still didn’t want to do anything.

    I was researching one day and came upon Royal Velvet, I read up on it and decided to order it, I had nothing to lose. And I have to say that it was the best decision I have ever made! After a few days of taking it I had more energy.

    After a few months of taking it my thyroid level leveled back out and I have not taken medicine for that since, and my levels are great. The same with my testosterone levels. I stopped using the cream they gave me and my levels are back to where they should be.

    I have energy to out-hike anyone, and go anywhere. I have my strength back and then some. I lost weight, increased muscle tone, and I have the energy to hit the gym again.

    My skin is the softest and healthiest it has been since I was a baby. I feel like a new man.

    Royal Velvet gave me my life back. I am again a active person. Camping, hiking, and photographing bears. People can’t keep up with me! My friends my age are starting to get grey hairs and they ask me all the time why do I look so young? They are starting to slow down with aches and pains. Yet I feel like I am just beginning to live. My aches and pains are gone. After a long hike I recover a lot faster than my friends

    Over all, Royal Velvet Has changed my life.

    Cody Hoagland

  • I would like to take this time to share my experience with Royal Velvet.  I love it! I noticed significant results within the first few weeks of using it.

    Even though I saw such immediate and significant results, I still was very shocked and extremely pleasantly surprised by the results.  Having said that, this is what Royal Velvet did for me, again with the first few weeks:

    Almost immediately I noticed an increase in energy and inner motivation and joy to take on my day, which jump-started me to a more productive fulfilling day, as I noticed on my early morning dog walks.

    I had more mental clarity and focus as well as pep in my step, (and I am so not a morning person, typically.)  This occurred within the first couple days.

    What was really astonishing to me, however, was the effect that it had on some very deep laugh lines on my face, locations to be more specific, the outside corners of both my eyes, typical crows feet area, on the ride side of my mouth and two very deep lines that extended right across my forehead, those which bothered me the most and which I have had for many, many years.  The laugh lines at corners of my eyes pretty much disappeared within first two weeks or so. The one near my mouth also faded over time but not exactly sure about timeline since I was more focused on the ones on my forehead.  I just noticed one day they had faded. 

    The most significant improvements were the ones across my forehead. Those really bothered me, because I noticed that nobody else had them, even people who were significantly older than me.  I had tried everything to get rid of them but of course nothing had ever worked so I figured that was just the way it was going to be, until I started using Royal Velvet.  Within 2-3 weeks, one of the creases, (the top one) totally vanished. It did blow my mind and of course when I started seeing such results my belief level climbed. The second one, the bottom one is more than 50% gone, and doesn't even bother me a bit anymore.

    The real test, however, was for the next several months. Every time I got together with good friends, they always commented that they thought I was getting younger every time they saw me.  Given the fact that I am at least 7-8 years older than all of them that made me feel very wonderful, excited and blessed.  One friend said "I want to do whatever Michele is doing." That came from a very good and dear friend.  I knew in my heart that the reason was the Royal Velvet.  I did tell them about it when they asked, but like anything else, because it is such a different, never before heard of answer, and was such an easy thing to do, it was met with some raised eyebrows and warm smiles of course.  They are used to me thinking outside the box and marching to the beat of my own drum. So we had some laughs and had a good time discussing it.

    I hope I didn't ramble too much but when I feel strongly about something, the words and feelings just pour out of me.  Thank you for this opportunity to share and I hope this information will be helpful.

    Thank you for all you do!

    All my best,

    Michele T. Cormier

    West Haven, CT

  • It starts with my mentor Kevin Trudeau.  I would never have heard of this product if not for him ranting about it on his radio show.  I had been a follower of Kevin's work for years and when he told the story of testing his IGF1 levels before and after, I was fascinated.

    Shortly thereafter, I was at an event held by a private club of which Kevin and I are a part and I was speaking with some friends, a couple in their fifties.  I did not know they were in their fifties. They look fifteen years younger.  As I was marveling at their vibrant health she pulled out a bottle of Royal Velvet and told me that was their secret.  I said, "That's it, I'm ordering this stuff, period!"

    That was 15 months ago at age 38.  This year, I'll turn 40.  My transformation has been shocking.  My hair has thickened. Pattern balding was arrested and reversed.  I now have a healthy head of hair!  Graying has been reduced, not eliminated but reduced.  My skin is smoother, wrinkles have disappeared. I also have much better color.  I used to have a pasty, almost unhealthy look, now I'm a healthy pink.

    Here's where it starts to get a little crazy.  My body shape has changed.  My jaw is a little more square, my shoulders a little more broad, musculature more defined all around my body.  I never gain weight.  My friends and family tell me I look amazing and young. They can't believe it.

    I feel strong.  I sleep well.  I have energy.  Aches and pains are non-existent.  And here is the greatest benefit - increased virility. When a man gets into his thirties and forties, this starts to slip a little.  I have sexually stamina and desire like an 18 year old.  This alone is worth getting the Royal Velvet.

    I've attached two photos.  This is the best I could do, I'm not big on collecting photos of myself.  The before is my passport photo taken in 2004, pasty white, and gaunt.  The after was taken at a meeting in 2012.  A much younger guy.  Eight years later.

    Thank you for providing this miracle!  Gratefully,

    David Krueger

  • First off, Blake I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Your product has been a complete blessing to me and my mother. Thank you and God Bless you!

    My name is Jermaine Fountain.

    I am a Fashion/Product model, and business owner. I am 36 years of age.  I take my health and appearance very seriously. When I heard about this product  I thought right away it would be revolutionary and the experience would be a positive one for the health of my body.

    But I had no idea it would transform my life within weeks!

    I am going on my 4th week using Royal Velvet, and I thank God up above for this blessing in a bottle!

    The first week of use...I had lots of energy and my sleep pattern was back to normal. Also, my sleep was a deep relaxing one.

    I started to notice my skin changing dramatically. My skin tone has evened out and no longer blotchy. Also, what I thought was magnificent, I had a scar on my arm that resulted from a burn, and it has almost vanished. That scar has been on my arm for over a year, and it was a dark burn up until I stated using Royal Velvet!

    Also, my blood pressure is back to normal. A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with hypertension. This was my main reason for purchasing the product. So I could avoid being put on any medications.

    My eyesight has improved dramatically. I can now see up close without objects looking blurry. That in and of itself was an added bonus. I also had a severe infection in my left eye when I ordered Royal Velvet. It has sped up the healing process!

    I love this product so much. I think that everyone can agree that the closest people to you are your parents, especially Moms. Well my mom had a lot of ailments for years and years. Weeks ago I introduced her to the product and her health has dramatically improved. She is diabetic and her diabetes monitored in the 200's before the use of Royal Velvet. Now it is 175 and getting better! It continues to get better as she uses the product more and more! She is so happy :-)! Her blood pressure has decreased.

    Over all, I believe this product to be a miracle sent from God and put into a bottle.

    Thank you! Thank you! So very much!

    Jermaine Fountain

    Alexandria, VA USA  

  • Let me begin with how skeptical I was when reading the testimonials in the literature I received with the shipment.

    After starting on Royal Velvet, I first noticed changes in my husband, James Grubb.  His face changed.  The lines and wrinkles became noticeably softer. His beard became darker, (he was totally gray.)  Now he is a distinguished salt and pepper.

    James received a bad cut on the top of his hand.  One that you would think needed stitches. Being a man and working in the oil field, to him it was just a scratch.  The “scratch” healed over and there is barely a scar.  I decided to give it a try, what did I have to lose.

    I am a basketball official and not as young as I used to be.  I turned my ankle in a game and was told it was a 3rd degree sprain.

    I went home and did the usual icing and keeping it elevated.  I had crutches at the house and fully expected that I would have to use them the next day.  Amazingly, when I woke up, the ankle was blue and bruised, but the swelling was greatly reduced and I was able to bear weight and not use the crutches.  I was back on the court going full speed in two weeks.  It didn’t dawn on me that Royal Velvet could have had a hand in my healing.

    The kicker for me was for the 2nd straight year when I went for the annual eye exam my eyes showed improvement of 1 step last year and 2 steps this year.  My distance vision is better and the bifocal was even reduced.  I work on a computer and read for about 14 hours a day or more.  My eyes wouldn’t focus with my glasses and I was getting headaches.  Expecting the doctor to tell me he was making my glasses stronger to correct, to my surprise he was reducing the strength in both distance and the bifocal.  “Your eyes are improving” he said, “whatever you are doing keep doing it.

    When I told my husband, he asked me if I thought if the spray had been repairing my eyes.  He stated that the same thing happened to him.  He doesn’t even wear his glasses at night.

    We are both in our 50s.  These are not exaggerations.

    Kathy S. Grubb

    Abilene, TX

  • Royal Velvet is truly a miracle in a bottle.. This is the best kept secret on earth. I don't know how to adequately express how much this product has transformed my life. It is truly a miracle.

    For me it has been the "fountain of youth". I look younger and feel healthier, have more energy, feel stronger and faster, think quicker, and feel more in balance. I can't live without this product. It is necessary for my life. I am a supplements junkie and have used many products over the years and this is the only product I will not ever give up. It has changed my life and there is no other product that has done more for my overall health picture.

    Jody Miller

    Las Vegas, NV

  • WOW….I am 62 and feeling and looking younger than I have in a very long time since taking Royal Velvet.  I went through menopause over 12 years ago and moved from wearing a size 6 to size 10/12.  No matter how much I would diet (or try some new way to lose weight), I would only lose a few pounds and then gain them back …or even gain a few extra pounds.    I was completely frustrated, felt old, tired and somewhat depressed by it all.

    Within a few months of taking Royal Velvet I begin to lose weight and more amazingly my body began to change its shape.  Every month my waist became smaller and I started to look and feel more like I did 20 years earlier (even better in some ways).  My clothes began to get baggy.  I decided I go shopping to see what size I actually was. To my amazement I ended up buying a size 4 jean.  I was thrilled.

    Now that I am feeling more energetic and positive I am even motivated to begin to exercise some.  I can only say that I feel like a “New” and improved woman excited to see how I will continue to improve all areas of my life.  Thank you Royal Velvet for changing my life.  No plastic surgery for me….Royal Velvet is a natural, cheaper, safer and healthier solution helping me in all areas of my body for total health!!!

    Danielle Marie

    Cary, NC

  • Although I considered myself "healthy", at 62, I was feeling more than a little "out of whack". My liver was also probably a little overworked from too much Jack Daniels the preceding 7-8 years --  and my pancreas was most certainly stressed from a diet of too much starchy vegetables & sugary stuff..(breads, coke in the Jack, fries…)

    As a "road warrior" I was living a lot in hotels and subsisting on restaurant food. 

    And I had tried 2 competitors Deer Antler with no effect.

    When I first ordered Royal Velvet in June, I decided to take the amount you suggested. In two months I lost weight and felt somewhat better. It's now been 5 months on Royal Velvet.

    Upon returning home a few weeks ago people are remarking that I have really lost weight.  I have "energy" to spare for the first time in years! When I look in the mirror I see a younger person.

    After only 5 months on a minimum dose of Royal Velvet whatever I "had" is gone! I can feel it -- especially once I upped the dosage. Thankfully I got your printed newsletter while I still had 3 bottles left, because after I took your advice

    and upped the dose -- "magic" happened! (all in only a week!)

    Blake -- I probably was very sick before I started on Royal Velvet...probably so sick that a "doctor" would have labeled it and put me on drugs to "help" me..., which in MY opinion would have led to disastrous results.

    On top of all this I've now lost my appetite for booze.

    Thanks again!

    To your Health, Wealth & Longevity!

    Charles Johnston

  • I am TRULY impressed!  You are the very first company I have dealt with that has responded to an e-mail in less than 24 hours. 

    The scale did go down a little bit this morning. So I am continuing to lose weight. I think you are definitely correct about the muscle strength and losing fat.  That is becoming more and more evident in my thigh and knee areas. I feel Royal Velvet helps my back and leg strength too.

    I have seen improvement in my skin.  The small lines in my face are starting to "plump" out and fill in.  My husband is losing the dark circles under his eyes and looks more "refreshed".

    I have been sleeping better, have more energy in the late afternoon and have been able to better focus on my projects.

    I believe you have a wonderful product and company and will continue to tell my friends and relatives about you.

    I have listened to your podcast with Kevin Trudeau (twice) and believe as Kevin says "this is the Fountain of Youth".


    Jeane Bovat

  • Just recently, my beard, which is white, (I am 61) began to return to it's former color of a rich dark brown. As well, I photographed my left hand some five months ago. Looking at that photo on my cell phone, I can see a major shift in the coloration of my age spots! I am really pleased with Royal Velvet. Thank you!

    David Westmeier

  • I have only been using Royal Velvet for a little over two months. I have to say, I personally feel quite well, have lost a lot of excess weight (between 25 and 30 pounds) that I was never able to lose before.  I also noticed that age spots and other funky freckles have been shrinking. Sometimes I feel like I'm reverse aging.

    Anyway, I'm totally sold on The Homeostasis Protocol and hope that I'll be able to continue purchasing your excellent products for years to come!!

    Lisa  Alexander, Watertown, MA