I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 19 years ago, although I began having symptoms some 35 years ago.  At one time, I was blind and confined to bed.  I was only 35, had two young children, and was scared to death.  I knew that mainstream medicine could only offer me drugs, with their negative side effects, and that the best those drugs could do was relieve my symptoms for awhile and maybe slow down the progression—if I was lucky.  I wanted more than that, much more than that.  I WANTED TO GET WELL.  And I knew that I’d have to stay out of mainstream medicine to do it.
And so my journey began.  I studied everything I could find on MS, and then one day, while I was out on the Internet doing research for my book, I stumbled across The Homeostasis Protocol.  I stopped dead in my tracks and began reading.  Before long, I knew I had finally found the rest of the pieces I’d been looking for.  I spent hours and hours studying, and the more I studied, the more impressed I was.
I’ve now been on the The Protocol for six weeks.  I have noticed significant additional improvement as a result of The Protocol already, in just these first six weeks!  I have much more energy.  I fall asleep faster, sleep more soundly, and awake feeling really refreshed.  I feel mentally “sharper”.  And my overall stamina is so much greater!  Yesterday, for example, I cleaned my own carpets with a steam machine and was at it for seven hours, with only a few short breaks!
The Protocol does have “side effects”, I must admit:  My skin is softer, clearer and has a wonderful new glow.  My wrinkles are disappearing.  I have rosacea, and it has diminished to the point that I can almost use the past tense.  I had a few varicose veins, but now I can hardly find where they were.  My muscles feel more “toned”.  I no longer have even minor digestive disturbances.  And, I’m having periods again!  (I am 54 and had not had a period for 18 months, so I was “officially” in menopause!)  I guess TRIAD is not kidding when they say The Protocol is “anti-aging”!
I just want you to know how thrilled I am with The Protocol!  As someone who has spent years researching what we need to rebuild our health, I’m so happy to finally find a program that has separated the wheat from the chaff and put all the pieces of the health puzzle together in one place!
I want to applaud you, too, for offering such a wealth of information on your website!  It’s like having a whole book, free and on line, for anyone who wants to learn about their body and what it needs to REALLY heal!  I’ve continued to research on my own, and everything you’ve asserted on your website is ringing true.  How I wish I’d had this Protocol right from the beginning!
Thank God there are people like you out there who are willing to buck “the system” and tell the truth!
I will continue to enthusiastically recommend The Homeostasis Protocol to others with Multiple Sclerosis! 


Karlen Gunderson