I am very excited, because of the effects Royal Velvet has had on me personally. When I regularly use Royal Velvet, I sleep very deeply and get excellent rest. I awake clear-headed and my mental clarity during the day is very invigorating! Along with deep sleep and mental clarity, I also have an increase in energy and libido, which is great because of my busy schedule and many responsibilities, working 50+ hours a week, 7 days a week. I have also noticed my hair and nails grow much faster and are very strong and healthy. My appetite has diminished, and it is great to imagine my cells getting all the nutrients they need!

I shared Royal Velvet with my girlfriend, a nursing student, and Blake's philosophy and science convinced her as well. We are both Truth Seekers. Some of the benefits my girlfriend had besides the ones I had, are she bruises easily so Royal Velvet helped with that, but she also had nerve damage on her tendon near her ankle, causing her toes to get no circulation and be a vivid purple. Since taking Royal Velvet, circulation has returned and her cute little toes are a healthy flesh color! Much thanks and the blessings of God to Blake and his exceptional company-may he always have the courage to share the wisdom and insight that sets him apart.

Take care and God bless,

Kevin Duvall