I received the Royal Velvet on the 12th of May, the morning I went in for my hip replacement, I was glad to get it before I went into the hospital.

I woke up from surgery and as soon as I could, I told the nurse to get me my bag that I brought in with me. I then grabbed the Royal Velvet and sprayed it three times under my tongue as instructed. I did it several times a day, the 3 1/2 days I was in there, and I want to tell you that I recovered faster than I did my previous hip replacement. (I was in the hospital 5 days on my first one.) Also with my first hip replacement, it took me 30 days to get rid of my cane. This time only 3 (that’s right three days no cane.) I want to Thank you so much for your product, it has been a great addition in my recovery.

I will be taking Royal Velvet for the rest of my life!!!

Thank you again,

Kirk Cotter