I was experiencing extreme tingling on my entire left side, as well as a feeling of malaise.  I thought I might have Multiple Sclerosis. I saw the website for the The Protocol, and although I was not diagnosed, I decided to try The Protocol on a limited basis. 

Mr. Sawyer took the time to talk to me in-depth about The Protocol each time that I called.  At that time, I was drinking a great deal of seltzer.  Blake advised that I stop drinking soda, and he also advised that I try Royal Velvet.  I stopped drinking soda, increased my intake of water to clean out my system and ordered the Royal Velvet.  Within one week of taking the Royal Velvet and instituting the other changes, I was amazed.

My tingling subsided by approximately 80%, and my energy increased so much that I felt like I could run three miles.  In addition, the Royal Velvet gave me a feeling of well being somewhat like an anti-depressive.  The Royal Velvet is excellent, and I hope Mr. Sawyer is able to help many other people who can benefit from his knowledge.
Lureen M. Walker
New York City