Beautiful Miami Springs, a tree city, is our hometown. In my early life I served as Executive Secretary to the Principal of a large Junior High School, in Maryland.  Later, I flew as a Flight Attendant with Eastern Airlines, where I met my husband, Louis.

This May fourth will be our fiftieth Wedding Anniversary!  We have one daughter, Catherine, an attorney for a Supreme Court Justice in Pennsylvania.  We are happy that ten years ago she married Chris, an Engineer and a Pennsylvanian!  In my mid-fifties, to shed the “empty nest syndrome” when Cathy went away to school, I became a massage therapist.  Since then I learned to do Reiki, a Japanese modality of healing, and as a Reiki Master, have taught many students. 

My first experience with Royal Velvet was in February 2009, when my family doctor recommended it to me for my weak immune system.  Having had rheumatic fever at age fourteen, my system was permanently impaired.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age sixty-one, and through holistic means, managed to overcome that without conventional treatment.  Nevertheless, my entire life I was the puny one in the family, and not of great energy during my young adulthood and middle life.

At age seventy-four, however, my doctor promised me all this would change when taking Royal Velvet.  A long conversation with Blake Sawyer confirmed all the doctor had said. Blake further described that we were not harming the deer when obtaining this serum from their  antlers during their once a year shedding process.

Blake further explained that the extract sold by The Healthy Protocol came from the deer of New Zealand, whose land is free of pesticides and artificial fertilizers.  He explained how deer in the United States have this serum; but because they drink the water in our forests and eat the vegetation here, the run-off waters from conventional farming can contaminate their serum.  Learning all these facts from Blake, I eagerly ordered Royal Velvet and commenced spraying it several times a day.

The change in my energies was almost immediate!  Further on, my husband, a usually energetic person, had a spell of low energy.  For two weeks all he wanted to do was sit in his chair and snooze.  It took several persuasions (make that begging!…or nagging!) to convince him to try the Royal Velvet.  When he finally succumbed to my suggestions, his reaction—like mine—was almost immediate.  He was soon up and about, doing his routine chores with his normal joyful attitude restored.  Naturally, he joined me in becoming a Royal Velvet fan at that time.

In 2010, we experienced a house fire! One room was aflame, but the smoke damage was all over the house, and included our lungs.  We were six months getting over that experience and again, Royal Velvet came to our rescue.  I cannot express enough thanks to Blake for making this available in America, and to all Bambi’s descendants in New Zealand, who serve us with their beauty and their God-given medicine!