When I first heard about Royal Velvet I was very skeptical about what my friend Zach had told me.  He was a pitcher for a Division 1 school and many of his friends and teammates had or were using Royal Velvet.

I wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to expect or get.  I work out 5-7 days a week and take vitamins and protein.  I wasn’t expecting results like a major league football player or baseball player.  I also didn’t have an injury or for that matter any disease or health issue that I was looking to remedy.  I just wanted to find out what my friend was talking about every day. 

And let me tell you......the first thing that I noticed was how happy I was, and just in a great mood every day.  I live in Chicago and I first started taking this about a year ago.  Chicago during the winter is BRUTAL!  Grey skies and falling temps.  I don’t mind the snow or the cold but I hate the grey skies more then anything!

Royal Velvet Pure got me through the days and made me feel better emotionally and physically. I literally would look forward to working out and running after work rather then sit and go right home.  I also noticed an incredible difference at work, as I would be more engaged and felt as though I was always hitting on all cylinders.  I am in sales management and trust me when I am sitting there and dealing with problems all day it feels pretty good to be able to have your mind and body running at full speed.


Matt Williams