I am a 59 year old white male. I have been on Royal Velvet for 5 months. When I started the Protocol, my hair was totally white and the skin on my face was very rough and leathery, (from being out in the sun a lot). 
After about 6 weeks, I began to notice a slight change in the color of my hair. A few strands of hair was black like it was in my younger days. As a few months passed, my hair became darker and darker to a point now where it is about 70% of its original color. 
The change in the feel of the skin on my face also has changed over this 5 month period. It has changed from being very dry and rough to being very soft and supple.
 I am looking forward to the months ahead and the continuing changes in the rest of my body. I know I can’t live without the Royal Velvet!